Climate Change – Is There Anything it Can’t Do?

Much like doughnuts (1:42), it appears that there’s almost nothing climate change can’t do. Its latest apparent feat is the incredible ability to dramatically increase aircraft turbulence:

In April scientists at the University of Reading in the UK said bouts of turbulence strong enough to toss passengers around the cabin could become up to three times more common due to climate change.

They said climate change would generate stronger wind shears within the jet stream, which is a major cause of turbulence.

And all kinds of turbulence was due to get worse, from light turbulence, which is due to increase by about 59 per cent in the future, through to severe turbulence, which the study suggested would see an increase of a whopping 149 per cent.

Notice how they’re saying that all this nasty stuff is only ‘due to’ happen – but aren’t actually saying that it has happened yet? Now why would that be?

I’m going to go right ahead and add this one to TMR’s running list of climate change related absurdities:

Let me know if you’ve got one that should be added to the list.

11 thoughts on “Climate Change – Is There Anything it Can’t Do?”

  1. I am immediately suspicious when they give estimates like “about 59” or “a whopping 149 per cent” instead of rounded numbers like 60 or 150. Their numbers imply a precision that is not there.


  2. I forget where – maybe Jo Nova or Watts Up with That – but there IS an extensive listing of all the catastrophic bullshit that globull warming is supposed to produce.


  3. 1970
    Ron and I swam over several miles of reef. Everywhere was the same. The coral was dead and, although it had not been dead for long, it looked deserted. Already the marine inhabitants were leaving the ruins of their once-beautiful home.
    A more illustrative starting point for the theme of the permanently imminent climatic apocalypse might be taken as August 3, 1971, when The Sydney Morning Herald announced that the Great Barrier Reef would be dead in six months.
    After six months the reef had not died,
    Three or four major threats to the GBR (Great Barrier Reef) have occurred in the past decade.
    The Government would create a marine park on the GBR to protect it from oil drilling, the Prime Minister, Mr Whitlam, said in a statement issued in Canberra yesterday.
    Unfortunately, threats to the GBR, like oil drilling and foreign fishing, exist right now.
    The GBR is receiving inadequate protection from a variety of undesirable activities. Foreign fishermen and professional aquarium fish collectors are two management problems.
    Oil poses a twofold threat to the GBR.
    Human activities might inadvertently be creating a scenario for the gradual destruction of the GBR, a Senate committee was warned yesterday.
    It is our responsibility, to ourselves and to the rest of the world, to see that it exists today and tomorrow, as it has for eons.
    Marine life in the GBR is being threatened by chemicals carried south by wind from the northern hemisphere, according to two Latrobe University researchers.
    The GBR is in danger of being destroyed by crown of thorns starfish.
    The GBR faces a new threat from an increase in nutrients in the ocean.
    The GBR was vulnerable to an oil disaster like the one off Scotland’s Shetland Islands, the Australian Democrats warned yesterday.
    The GBR, the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem, is also under threat.
    A group of big-name marine scientists will launch a public campaign next week to raise money for research into what they say are urgent threats to Australia’s GBR
    2003 GBR dying?
    The GBR ‘dies at 25 million years old after succumbing to coral bleaching’, scientists declare
    The GBR is dying.
    GBR is damaged beyond repair and can no longer be saved, say scientists


  4. Climate change ruins: pork, jeans, cookies, wines, oysters, chocolate, coffee, turbulence.

    Mayan collapse

    Joshua Trees, kidney stones, The Kennedy Space Centre, Cherries, Las Vegas dies, Havana Cuba drowns, Cocaine, The Moai of Easter Island drown, The Leaning Tower of Pisa collapses, Birdwatching in Scotland.

    View at


  5. Climate Change is why we have so many dumb clucks who vote Labor or Green without thinking things out for themselves then complain


  6. Yes, Marcus, a worthy addition to your list. The key information is:

    “The University of Reading said the study, published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences journal, used supercomputer simulations of the atmosphere to calculate how wintertime clear-air turbulence on flights between Europe and the US would change at an altitude of around 12 kilometres when there is twice as much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
    Those conditions are expected to occur later this century.”

    So these are the same “supercomputer simulations of the atmosphere” (gee whiz!) that have been proven over the last 25 years to overestimate actual (benign) temperature changes by a factor of 2 to 3. Still, dreadful things are projected with remarkable precision (“a whopping 149%”) to happen exactly ….. “later this century”.

    To borrow the old cosmology joke about the world resting on a tortoise, climate change is truely “models all the way down”.

    I suppose we should be grateful that such nonsense on stilts is reported so frequently and so credulously by our media. The sheer repetition of this sort of silly stuff will continue to raise overall scepticism about dangerous anthropogenic global warming (or climate change, or whatever its current manifestations are said to be).


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