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A Few Weak Men*

Media coverage of the Australian cricket team’s failed and hilariously ill-conceived pre-meditated cheating attempt ball tampering fiasco has been as limp as it has been predictable:

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Now For the Rest (UPDATE – The Left Keeps Throwing Its Toys)

The Brexit vote has highlighted the age old difference between the collectivist totalitarians of the left – and the rest of society which simply wants to find its own way in life.

No other statistic better demonstrated the need for Brexit than this one which Judith Sloan reminded us of via Catallaxy Files:

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Did 60 Minutes Get Played?

It goes without saying that the whole 60 Minutes saga has some serious knobs on it.

However, I don’t just mean the ’60 Minutes are a bunch of idiots with a serious corporate culture problem'(*) kind of knobs. I also mean the ‘this all got resolved very quickly and a little too easily with a lot of money changing hands’ knobs.

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Julie Bishop to Save the Day? (UPDATE)

I don’t know about you, but if I walked into another country and took part in a botched child snatching operation, I’d expect to go to jail in that country.

Fittingly enough, that’s exactly where Tara Brown and her 60 Minutes crew currently find themselves in this matter – together with the mother (Sally Faulkner) and the ‘child recovery team’ that was engaged at a reported cost of $115,000 to nab the children. I wonder if they’ll provide a refund?

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I’m an Iraqi, Get Me Outta Here!

One of the points often lost in the ‘refugee’ crisis is the reality that a startling amount of the people marching into Europe simply aren’t refugees.

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Police and Media Still Eating Doughnuts (UPDATE)

After two weeks, some more details surrounding the Esplanade train station brawl have been drip fed to the public.

It has now been confirmed that:

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Victims ‘Provoking’ Criminals

Andrew Bolt blogs about an outrageous incident involving Jens Müller, a German town Mayor who gave some interesting practical advice to locals:

The Mayor of a small German town has caused outrage, telling concerned residence their children must stay away certain areas and “not provoke” migrants to avoid sexual harassment, as well as suggesting they need not worry because German men are a “problem” too.

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Are the Media and Police Hiding Something? (UPDATE)

Five days ago, a man was stabbed to death at the Perth Esplanade Bus Port following a brawl between ‘two groups of people‘. In addition to the homicide, the incident was so bad that it resulted in significant public transport disruptions for the next 24 hours.

Since then, we have not heard anything further about what happened.

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Renault Joins VW’s Emissions Party

As the VW ‘crisis’ was unfolding last year, a colleague of mine who spent decades in the auto industry said to me ‘you watch: if VW is doing it, then many others will be doing it too. I wouldn’t be surprised if VW did this on purpose to financially cripple their competitors’.

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