How’s That Russia Collusion Thingy Going?

Remember how Trump apparently colluded with the ‘Russians’ to rig the 2016 US Presidential election – and how he is being ‘investigated’ for this apparent crime?

It’s ok, I almost forgot too.

Of course, none of Muller’s Russia ‘investigation’ has made any sense from the very beginning for the simple reasons that:

  • It is physically impossible for Russia to materially impact a US federal election.
  • If you were really going to have a crack at an election-rigging project by colluding with foreign nations, then you would at least get the Chinese on board and a few other disagreeable nations with some means of rigging production such as Germany, France and maybe even Canada (given its proximity – for example, I’m sure some extra ‘voters’ could have been shipped into Michigan).
  • Knowing the above, only a Grade-A moron who graduated from bovine university (seriously, some of them might as well be called that these days) would approach the Russians and say ‘I could do with a bit of election rigging today, how about you?’.
  • Trump won in a landslide. While there are numerous articles claiming that this is false, I’m going to go right on ahead and stick with landslide for the simple reason that Trump won 56.9% of the electoral college votes – and because this looks like pretty landslidish to me:


Needless to say, if it was actually possible to impact an election in any way by simply talking to some Russians, then Hillary and the Democrats would have done it a long time ago.

As for where things stand, I’ll hand it over to Sargon of Akkad to explain things further:

So how’s it all going?


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