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Editorial – You Get What You Vote For

South Australians and Queenslanders recently learnt this the hard way, while Victorians learnt the hard-left way. Now, Western Australians look like they’re about to follow the lemmings off the cliff.

Bookies currently have Labor at $1.17, with the Liberals at $4.50. And make no mistake, this election won’t be another Brexit or Trump. Those were new movements challenging an establishment, while this election is simply a case of voters letting the other monkey have a go regardless of the cost. Indeed, you’d have to go back to 1959 when West Australians last let a State government last more than 10 years in power.

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Beware the Mainstream Media

I recently agreed to attend a local networking event.

Part of the promotional material included a quote from Robert Kiyosaki – the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and notable rich guy among other things.

As I read the quote, I thought to myself ‘hang on a second, isn’t that the guy that supposedly went bankrupt? Why would a networking group want to quote him?’.

Almost immediately, I realised that what had crossed my mind was based almost entirely on mainstream news headlines which I had vaguely remembered. Indeed, when typing ‘Kiyosaki broke’ or ‘Kiyosaki bankrupt’ into Google, the following results came up:

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Editorial – The Senate Has a Bigger Problem Than This

In principle, a reform allowing voters above-the-line preference choices for the Senate makes complete sense. However, the current public debate is missing a much bigger problem.

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Editorial – More Taxes Won’t Fix the Budget


It’s an absolute pleasure to have the current political conversation flatulating around the edges of the government’s revenue sources – and the get-rich-quick schemes that could be used to extract more money out of us. Meanwhile, $40 billion annual deficits are still being cranked out (see also above graph) and our $400 billion debt will be added to for years to come.

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Editorial – Turnbull’s Twisting in the Wind


Malcolm Turnbull’s justification for replacing Tony Abbott was that he could provide better economic leadership. Six months on, how much longer should we have to wait for the evidence?

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Editorial – Mr Ideas Still Running on Empty

I don’t come here often

I usually refrain from critiquing things that Bill Shorten says or does – because it involves either something completely unintelligible or a hackneyed sound bite designed to crudely grab at the lowest denominator. I would have to open up a separate blog just to deal with it all. It would also be a waste of our collective intelligence to devote too much real thinking time to Bill’s tripe.

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Editorial – Turnbull Encourages Business Fraud

As part of Turnbull’s $1.1 billion ‘everyone put your thinking hats on’ plan, the bankruptcy period will be reduced from three years to one year.

The bankruptcy system is already a government created fantasy which allows people to recklessly stink at business (or swindle other people’s money), hide the loot, take a bankruptcy breather for three years while the ‘official’ assets are handed out at cents in the dollar – and then get straight back on the horse again like nothing ever happened (or simply retire to Mallorca, take your pick).

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Editorial – Wrong Way Malcolm, Back Out

The moment Turnbull took over as Prime Minister, I wrote that his biggest challenge was getting the budget back in order, particularly in respect of the serious spending problem that we have.

So far, the talk has been about increasing the GST and increasing taxes on super for anyone earning more than $36,000. Hmm.

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What Did We Get for Our $400 Billion Loan? (Part 1)

In 2006, the federal government had $45 billion in net assets (4% of GDP). Today, it has a cataclysmic $400 billion debt on the books, which is budgeted to grow to $480 billion within the next four years.

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Editorial – Malcolm, We Have a Spending Problem

While Turnbull and Bishop try to chophold hands with the Saudis on human rights, let’s go back to what Turnbull’s biggest focus should be – the budget. You know, that thing which currently has a $400 billion dollar debt sitting on the books, with annual deficits adding around $35 billion to the pile each year – and to which our future prosperity is tied.

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