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Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Ministerial Obituary

‘If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined’

(Pyrrhus of Epirus)

One of the first posts ever written on TMR was Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministerial Obituary.

Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t need a similarly written obituary: he’s done a perfectly good job of writing his own.

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Beer Politics

This is Bill Shorten attempting to skol a beer the other day. I say ‘attempting’, because in my books it can’t possibly count as a skol if you take more than 10 seconds and if Bob Hawke can do three in the meantime:

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Editorial – Retribution Has Been Served

The 2016 federal election has proven yet again that treachery and retribution are certainties in politics. TMR looks at where and how they were served.

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Savva Goes Off the Deep End

I’ve never been a fan of Niki Savva’s columns. Her writing style is horribly stilted, difficult to read and always seems out of place in The AustralianWhy anyone would buy her new book is beyond me for this reason alone. Of course, the scandalous, baseless and vengeful slop she’s written about Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin is an even bigger reason.

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Sorry Tony, You’ve Lost Me on That One

Tony Abbott came out today and labelled the Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ school program as social engineering:

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Update -‘Safe Schools Coalition’ Program to be Reviewed

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the ‘All of Us’ teaching program created by the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ – which is being funded by the federal government to the tune of $8 million and rolled out in schools across the country (around 490 of them so far).

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all about keeping children safe. Not quite. In it’s current form, it’s actually a sickening, agenda-driven LGBTI program which, among other things, involves material such as the following:

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Another Leftist Prediction Goes Down the Toilet

With news that Tony Abbott wants to run for another term in parliament, the time has come to hold Leftist professor James Walter to account for a prediction which attempted to defy the extreme Left’s natural sworn enemy: common sense.

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Editorial – Mr Ideas Still Running on Empty

I don’t come here often

I usually refrain from critiquing things that Bill Shorten says or does – because it involves either something completely unintelligible or a hackneyed sound bite designed to crudely grab at the lowest denominator. I would have to open up a separate blog just to deal with it all. It would also be a waste of our collective intelligence to devote too much real thinking time to Bill’s tripe.

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Turnbull Leaves the Door Open to Climate Policy ‘Tweak’

I’ve noticed lately that Turnbull loves to use the word ‘agile’. This time, he has used the word to describe his intended approach to climate change policy:

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Gillard the ‘Victim’ Yet Again

Julia Gillard starts off by empathising with Tony Abbott:

‘I do have an understanding of what Tony Abbott is going through it is a very difficult thing you are very bruised and battered’, she said.

‘You don’t realise how intellectually and physically exhausted you are until you stop’.

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