Quality Education – Are you a ‘supportive ally’?

At first I thought this was a joke:

A program on sexual orientation and identity has been established in schools. The so-called Safe Schools Coalition advises that the taxpayer-funded program be taught as part of the health and physical education curriculum and that it is also suitable for English, history, legal studies, humanities, civics and citizenship. It is supported by unions, mental health and family planning groups, AIDS organisations, city councils and universities.

The All of Us teaching manual produced by the Safe Schools Coalition includes eight lessons with homework exercises. The first is to establish a “safe space” where students agree not to use language that deliberately offends others. Lessons two to five comprise case studies depicting gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people with tips for teachers on how to guide and correct class discussion. Students are encouraged to imagine themselves as aliens without genitalia to understand transgenderism and to contemplate being endowed with teeth in a toothless world for a better grasp of bisexuality.

Heterosexuality is not taught as a positive part of the program. But students learn that reducing “heteronormativity” produces good outcomes. In later lessons, they are asked to sign an “ally pledge” to make LGBTI people feel safe, consolidated by a “mission log” recording the time, date, and actions students take to demonstrate they are a “supportive ally”.

But it’s real and already being rolled out in schools:

So far 490 primary and high schools nationally have signed up, although the list of 24 schools in Queensland is secret.

Who needs all that maths and English stuff anyway:

OECD reports rank Australian schoolchildren 19th in mathematics and 14th in literacy. More than 30 per cent of students do not reach proficient standards for reading and mathematics.

I wonder how many parents have been asked for their consent to this material:

In a lesson on same-sex attraction, students as young as 11 are told to imagine they are 16-year-olds who are “going out with someone they are really into’’. The class is divided into students pretending to be going out with someone of the same sex, and classmates pretending to like someone of the opposite sex.

7 thoughts on “Quality Education – Are you a ‘supportive ally’?”

  1. I hope parents are aware that they can pull their child out of any class such as the ones the Ed. Dept.are proposing. Let your schoo know how you feel.Go to your P &C meetings and let them know how you feel.Do not let the left wing parties brainwash your children, they are doing it for a reason.


  2. I’m all for LGBTI but isn’t this educational process the PARENTS job, not schools?
    Also, no 11 year old should be put through this, if this was done when they were older and more mature I wouldn’t be so infuriated with this! Let children be children!


  3. It’s no wonder educational standards are plummeting in Australia. I bet Asian children aren’t encouraged to fret about or explore their sexuality. They’d be too busy studing their English vocabulary and their maths. This is brainwashing pure and simple. Contact your local schools to find out if they’re going along with this crap.


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