Month: November 2016

To Domestic Violence (Against Women), Some of Our Parliament Says No

If you’re going to grandstand on an issue, then it’s wise to do it properly and not cut any corners.

On Monday (28 November 2016), Turnbull and Shorten stood arm in arm and ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with indigenous leaders outside parliament to show ‘solidarity’ with Charlie King’s No More campaign. The only things missing were the ‘Je suis Charlie’ placards:

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Scaffidi Set to Face Hearing

It’s amazing how long politicians are able to withstand allegations such as these before facing justice – if ever:

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi is facing the prospect of a five-day public hearing over her long-running travel and expenses scandal.

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The Left’s Plebiscite Joke

The left has completely forgotten or disregarded the entire purpose of plebiscites.

Going completely under the radar recently has been South Australia’s utterly farcical citizens’ jury, which was convened to assess the merits of building a nuclear waste storage facility – or a ‘dump’ as the media has neutrally put it.

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Seriously – Who Funded This Disgrace?

Since TMR’s last post on the QUT section 18C case, some have speculated whether Ms Prior was funded on a no-win, no fee basis. TMR puts this theory to the test.

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Who Funded This Disgrace?

Of all the questions in the Queensland University section 18C debacle, the one that hasn’t been properly asked is who funded this lady and allowed her to cause so much carnage?

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How’s That ‘Official’ Polling Looking Now?

A lot of people are wondering how Trump won yesterday’s election. For some, it came as no surprise at all.

The following videos amplify how so many of us (myself included) took the official polling hook, line and sinker – but not these guys:

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TMR’s US Election Diary: Trump Wins!!!

TMR’s US election diary takes the form of an SMS conversation with reader Peter Part.


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Taking the People for Fools

According to the settled science, Clinton is still almost certain to win the US federal election this coming Tuesday. The problem with this is that we just don’t know what the science is based on, whether it’s true or just more of the same guff designed to manipulate the casual voter.

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