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Scaffidi Guilty

TMR has written extensively about Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi’s grubby conduct.

Today, the WA State Administrative Tribunal (Tribunal) has finally found Scaffidi guilty of 45 serious breaches of the Local Government Act 1995 (WA). A full copy of the decision can be found here.

The sheer brazenness of Scaffidi’s conduct in this matter has been utterly disgraceful.

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Scaffidi Set to Face Hearing

It’s amazing how long politicians are able to withstand allegations such as these before facing justice – if ever:

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi is facing the prospect of a five-day public hearing over her long-running travel and expenses scandal.

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Scaffidi’s ‘Defence’

In her submissions to the Department of Local Government, Scaffidi incredibly tried to claim that it was ‘not in the public interest’ to pursue disciplinary action against her. Ironically, her argument served only to further highlight the utter contempt she has shown towards the public in this matter.

Paragraph 28 of the Department of Local Government report introduces us to Scaffidi’s ‘public interest’ defence. From there, paragraph 32 expands on Scaffidi’s slop, which is worth reading for entertainment value alone. As you’ll see, The Marcus Review just couldn’t help itself in providing some commentary along the way:

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Scaffidi Keeps Digging

You might think that this is not worthy of much attention because it ‘only’ involves the Perth Lord Mayor. However, the overwhelming volume and nature of the misconduct in question – combined with the Lord Mayor’s contemptuous behaviour since – require that we take a moment to stop, assess, process and ensure the due excretion of this waste from public office. Some basic justice wouldn’t go astray either.

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Lord Mayor Scaffidi’s ‘Character’

There’s currently a loophole in WA law which means Lisa Scaffidi cannot be held to account under the Local Government Act if she resigns. Apparently, the Act only applies to current (and not former) office holders.

To demonstrate her wonderful character and judgment, Scaffidi has reportedly threatened to resign as Lord Mayor in order to take advantage of the situation before Parliament can fix the law:

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Australia’s Rule of Law Has Problems

If you’re part of Australia’s political class, different rules appear to apply. The two recent examples that stick out like the proverbial dog’s appendages are:

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Scaffidi Digs in – Paul Murray Mysteriously Defends Her

Scaffidi digs a deeper hole and attempts Julia Gillard’s ‘young and naive’ defence:

A defiant Ms Scaffidi was last night digging in, rejecting the CCC’s finding she had “signally failed in her duties as lord mayor” and blaming her actions on inexperience and advice from others.

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Perth Lord Mayor Engaged in ‘Serious Misconduct’

Not that anyone should have any sympathy whatsoever, but this is the last thing Scaffidi needed during her City of Perth re-election campaign:

The Corruption and Crime Commission said on Monday that Ms Scaffidi had ‘signally failed in her duties’ by not disclosing in her annual return the US$36,800 hospitality package, which included luxury hotel accommodation and business class airfares. 

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