Perth Lord Mayor Engaged in ‘Serious Misconduct’

Not that anyone should have any sympathy whatsoever, but this is the last thing Scaffidi needed during her City of Perth re-election campaign:

The Corruption and Crime Commission said on Monday that Ms Scaffidi had ‘signally failed in her duties’ by not disclosing in her annual return the US$36,800 hospitality package, which included luxury hotel accommodation and business class airfares. 

The CCC also formed an opinion of misconduct relating to Ms Scaffidi’s acceptance of the package, which came two days after she voted with council in favour of a BHP Billiton application to waive a $22,100 hire fee for using Forrest Place for big-screen Olympic broadcasts.

The CCC also concluded that Ms Scaffidi had engaged in serious misconduct by not divulging free tickets from BHP Billiton to a 2009 Chris Isaak concert at Leeuwin Estate and accommodation for the 2008 Broome Cup from property group Hawaiian Investments Pty Ltd.

After the Broome trip, Ms Scaffidi voted with council to approve a $180,000 grant to a consortium, which included Hawaiian, for a feasibility study to develop a Business Improvement District in the Perth CBD.

The matter is currently ‘before Parliament’. Why is it not ‘before the police’?

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