Roz Ward and the Educational Marxists Keep Going

TMR has repeatedly warned that surrender was the last thing on the minds of Roz Ward and her Marxist cohort in their battle to brainwash as many children as possible:

If you think that society has now been purged of Roz Ward, think again. This piece of totalitarian slime is still on the payroll at La Trobe University and a Safe Schools manager (you’ll have to forgive me for reserving my opinion of La Trobe’s investigation into her behaviour*). She still has plenty more in store and did not resign her Victorian Government advisory position simply to skulk back into the sewer.

Never underestimate the extreme left’s thirstiness for implementing its sickening agenda.

(*) NB: that ‘investigation’ went absolutely nowhere.

Where normal people would feel shame, these nefarious extremists double down. And, like weeds in the yard, if you don’t pull them out roots and all, they’ll sprout back thicker and nastier.

The latest incursions into our nation’s education system show this yet again.

Cool Australia

Firstly, there’s the ‘Cool Australia’ program, which is being used by more than 50,000 teachers in over 70% of our schools:

Green/Left lobby Cool Australia, backed by Labor’s teacher unions and Bendigo Bank, is achieving massive success in brainwashing school students about the inhumanity of the federal government’s asylum-seeker policies, the evils of capitalism, and our imminent climate peril. The Cool Australia’s teaching templates are now being used by 52,540 teachers in 6,676 primary and high schools (71% of total schools). The courses have impacted just over a million students via 140,000 lessons downloaded for classes this year alone. Students’ uptake of Cool Australia materials has doubled in the past three years.

On asylum seekers, the basic “text” is the film “Chasing Asylum” by activist Eva Orner, whose intention is to shame Australia and mobilise international pressure against the Pacific solution. At least eleven different lessons for Years 9-10 feature her cinematic agitprop,  billed as a “documentary”. The film hardly conforms to the professed “apolitical” nature of Cool Australia courses.  The film’s descriptor reads:

Chasing Asylum exposes the real impact of Australia’s offshore detention policies and explores how ‘The Lucky Country’ became a country where leaders choose detention over compassion and governments deprive the desperate of their basic human rights. The film features never before seen footage from inside Australia’s offshore detention camps, revealing the personal impact of sending those in search of a safe home to languish in limbo. Chasing Asylum explores the mental, physical and fiscal consequences of Australia’s decision to lock away families in unsanitary conditions hidden from media scrutiny, destroying their lives under the pretext of saving them.

Ever politically correct, Cool Australia says teachers should ensure their classes have a safe space before seeing Orner’s confronting propaganda. Teachers should first pre-discuss it with “students, staff, family members and the local community”, and negotiate “classroom agreements” to ensure ownership and agreement that create a safe space for engagement with the learning stimulus and activities.

A whole course for Years 9-10, involving ten lessons,  is devoted to the book “This Changes Everything”, an anti-capitalism, anti-fossil-fuel polemic by Canadian activist Naomi Klein. She advocates populist uprisings – “Blockadia” — against fossil-energy developments, and for gigantic dollar transfers to (mostly corrupt) Third World governments to repay the West’s (mythical) “climate debt”. She attacks even the major green groups such as WWF and Nature Conservancy as sell-outs to the fossil-fuel industry.

One Cool Australia lesson about Klein’s book is titled, Climate Changes vs Capitalism. It decries the impact on the environment of “our economic system’s push for continual growth”  and the “quality of life for all people”. In an unintentionally revealing disclosure, Cool Australia’s Teacher Notes describe the supposed climate crisis as “an opportunity for a new economic model that accounts for both people and the planet in a just and sustainable way…  After all, it will be young people who will inherit the world we have created… and who will reinvent a different future.” (My emphasis). This echoes similar sentiments by Christiana Figueres, when a top UN climate official: “This is  probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history.”

I highly recommend reading the entire article by Tony Thomas over at Quadrant.

‘Modern homophobia’

Secondly, the Safe Schools Coalition crew have also moved to redefine homophobia:

Educators are being urged to look out for a new form of “modern homo­phobia” — characterised by disinterest, disingenuous support or “sham tolerance” — as part of efforts to promote sexual diversity education in schools…

The guide, which coins a new acronym to describe its target group: DESPOGI, or Disadvantaged because of their Expression of Sexual Preference or Gendered Identity, cautions activists to be aware of “laggards”, defined as “conservative actors whose main aim is to protest or block government action” as well as “traditionalists” who try to ensure that schools safeguard conservative values and limit knowledge of liberal values.

As Adam Piggott brilliantly puts it: ‘Sham tolerance is modern code for not being enthusiastic enough’:

In Soviet Russia it was not enough for you to not object to the lunatic policies that the communist overlords were fond of instigating. You had to be enthusiastic. It was a good old enthusiasm competition. The more enthusiastic you were then the less enthusiastic your neighbor would appear, and if he didn’t up his game then it was off to the gulag for him.

Probably the finest example of this mental slavery is the story of a birthday party in honor of Stalin in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Stalin of course was not in attendance but tributes were held and toasts were made. Towards the end of the evening the mayor rose from his seat and made a grave error. He called for one last round of applause for the honor of Stalin. The clapping went on for several minutes. People were growing visibly exhausted but nobody wanted to be the first to stop clapping. Finally the mayor called a halt to proceedings and people sagged to the floor in gratitude.

The next day without any fanfare the mayor was shipped off to the gulag. As he was hauled away a party official whispered in his ear – “Never be the first to stop clapping.”

Just what we need: an anti-bullying program that bullies people into being enthusiastic about it.

What can you do?

A lot of people coming across this material for the first time are stunned that such a disturbing agenda could be targeted almost exclusively at pre-teen and teen children. They are then completely blown away when they find out how much traction these programs have already gained in their very own schools and kindergartens.

From there, people commonly ask me: where did this rubbish come from and what can I do about it?

This garbage is written exclusively by radical leftists. For example, with the Safe Schools program, most of it has originated from radical Marxist Roz Ward (and her crew) who I’ve written extensively about on this blog.

In terms of who to speak to, I could tell you standard things like your local MP, Early Childhood Australia (in the case of the Start Early program), your school’s principal or the Department of Education. While doing these things may make a small difference, they won’t get you very far of themselves.

I also recommend that you avoid any natural instinct you may have to berate your local kindergarten or school teacher. They have no authority to change anything and often have little idea about radical Marxist agendas in any event. You’ll only be making a scene for little or nothing in return – which plays into this sickening agenda’s hands. That said, by all means, calmly ask your child’s teacher about whether he or she is ‘teaching’ any of this stuff. You are entitled to know.

From there, the best thing you can do is simply share the truth (i.e. this post and TMR’s aggregated post which neatly covers everything) as calmly and as factually as you possibly can – with as many people as you possibly can (Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, talk back radio etc). From there, simply leave it to the person/s concerned to form their own opinion – it should not take any major persuasion to convince a normal, properly informed person that these programs are disturbed and sickening.

Only with vigilance and a critical mass of informed people can something realistically be done. The problem at the moment is that not enough people know about these programs and what they’re really about. That said, once someone becomes aware of the plain facts, they are typically shocked as I have described above.

To help, you will see that many of my articles on this topic have been fully researched, linked and referenced to the source materials in question.

While the federal government’s review and amendments to the Safe Schools program seemed encouraging, they appear to have had little practical impact so far – particularly in Victoria. It is clear that a lot more work will be needed to resist the continued infiltration of this insidious agenda into our education system – and culture.

6 thoughts on “Roz Ward and the Educational Marxists Keep Going”

  1. One of the problems is that no matter what Roz Ward and her cohorts say and do, they are still being paid by the taxpayer. The positions they hold give them the time and financially the means to do whatever they want. We actually pay them to try and change our society.


  2. Who put people like the odious Roz Ward into positions of power?
    I am going to answer my own question; politicians like Daniel Andrews!


    1. In this case, it’s not a matter of “Who let them in”. The pertinent question is “When is somebody going to show the bitch the way out?”


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