Month: December 2015

Kathy Jackson Shows Why Turnbull’s Innovation Policy is Bankrupt

In case you’re not familiar with the union corruption saga in Australia:

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Running Out of Puff in Paris

After 30 all you can eat buffets, nearly two weeks of all night benders, hard drugs and strip club jaunts, the motivation to tackle anything meaningful can become soft and spongy.

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Editorial – Turnbull Encourages Business Fraud

As part of Turnbull’s $1.1 billion ‘everyone put your thinking hats on’ plan, the bankruptcy period will be reduced from three years to one year.

The bankruptcy system is already a government created fantasy which allows people to recklessly stink at business (or swindle other people’s money), hide the loot, take a bankruptcy breather for three years while the ‘official’ assets are handed out at cents in the dollar – and then get straight back on the horse again like nothing ever happened (or simply retire to Mallorca, take your pick).

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Turnbull Keeps Spending

Turnbull and Morrison simply refuse to accept any responsibility for fixing the federal budget. To recap, we have:

  • $400 billion in debt.

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Climate Wankathon Begins

In the lead up to the Paris climate conference, I suggested that Obama thought people in Syria wouldn’t be so angry if global warming hadn’t made it so damn hot over there.

Perhaps having taken my encouragement, Prince Charles then chimed in and said that climate change was the ‘root cause’ of the Syrian war (yes, really).

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Lord Mayor Scaffidi’s ‘Character’

There’s currently a loophole in WA law which means Lisa Scaffidi cannot be held to account under the Local Government Act if she resigns. Apparently, the Act only applies to current (and not former) office holders.

To demonstrate her wonderful character and judgment, Scaffidi has reportedly threatened to resign as Lord Mayor in order to take advantage of the situation before Parliament can fix the law:

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