Lord Mayor Scaffidi’s ‘Character’

There’s currently a loophole in WA law which means Lisa Scaffidi cannot be held to account under the Local Government Act if she resigns. Apparently, the Act only applies to current (and not former) office holders.

To demonstrate her wonderful character and judgment, Scaffidi has reportedly threatened to resign as Lord Mayor in order to take advantage of the situation before Parliament can fix the law:

Ms Scaffidi reportedly threatened to quit the role after being told last week she faced a new inquiry by the Department of Local Government on the corporate hospitality scandal that was the subject of a scathing Corruption and Crime Commission report.

The department has been investigating the CCC report to determine whether any disciplinary action should be taken.

If true, this would be a blatant attempt to influence the course of an official investigation and should be subject to further disciplinary action.

For full details on what Scaffidi did, go here.

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