Gay People Can Unfairly Discriminate Too

Here’s the story:

  • Mother enrolls her kids in a drama class.
  • Mother later finds out that the teacher, shock horror, is gay.
  • Mother sends message to teacher saying that her kids will no longer be attending his classes because of the teacher’s ‘lifestyle’ and because she does not want her kids to be influenced ‘unconventional ideas’.
  • Teacher sends response to mother which goes viral.

Firstly, almost all of the teacher’s response is right on the money and the mother had what was coming to her. The donation of her deposit to a LGBT charity was also a nice touch.

However, it is one particular part of the response, disappointingly touted by the journalist as the best part, which causes concern:

There’s too many great lines to choose from, but the best is arguably: “I wish you luck in finding an appropriate stage school that meets your needs, however from experience, I find that theatre without gays is like cooking without spices (just my opinion).”

Does the teacher really think that heterosexual theatre teachers are not equally as capable of teaching theatre as gay teachers? Or does the teacher merely think that heterosexual people are plain when it comes to theatre and that gay people add all the spice? Isn’t the whole point supposed to be that anyone is capable of anything regardless of their sexuality?

If you’re going to have a go at someone for being prejudiced, then it’s a good idea not to engage in the same conduct yourself while doing so.

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