Month: January 2016

Another Leftist Prediction Goes Down the Toilet

With news that Tony Abbott wants to run for another term in parliament, the time has come to hold Leftist professor James Walter to account for a prediction which attempted to defy the extreme Left’s natural sworn enemy: common sense.

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Labor Wants Classified Royal Commission Documents

The Australian reports that Labor has asked the government for copies of top secret Trade Union Royal Commission documents:

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Finance – Labor Style

Federal Labor appears to think that the government is spending too much money by putting $6 million into developing a smartphone/tablet language app for children.

Given that Labor annihilated well over $400 billion of our money on ill-conceived junk, its comments here are about as useful as a convicted paedophile giving child healthcare tips.

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Renault Joins VW’s Emissions Party

As the VW ‘crisis’ was unfolding last year, a colleague of mine who spent decades in the auto industry said to me ‘you watch: if VW is doing it, then many others will be doing it too. I wouldn’t be surprised if VW did this on purpose to financially cripple their competitors’.

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Editorial – Mr Ideas Still Running on Empty

I don’t come here often

I usually refrain from critiquing things that Bill Shorten says or does – because it involves either something completely unintelligible or a hackneyed sound bite designed to crudely grab at the lowest denominator. I would have to open up a separate blog just to deal with it all. It would also be a waste of our collective intelligence to devote too much real thinking time to Bill’s tripe.

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Outrage Police Never Sleeps

If you thought the Christmas break would provide relief from the professional outrage brigade, think again. This time the target was the interview given by Mel McLaughlan to Chris Gayle.

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