Another Leftist Prediction Goes Down the Toilet

With news that Tony Abbott wants to run for another term in parliament, the time has come to hold Leftist professor James Walter to account for a prediction which attempted to defy the extreme Left’s natural sworn enemy: common sense.

As Abbott’s toppling was completed, Malcolm Farr of invited professor Walter to dance on Abbott’s political carcass – claiming that Abbott was not academic enough for the UN and that he was going to be a sook and quit politics before the next election:

Abbott is unlike Kevin Rudd because Rudd had international relations, foreign policy-type aspirations all along and some academic connections, so he could move into things related to the UN and he could move, for instance, to Harvard.

I don’t think Abbott has those types of links or academic credibility.

“I think it’s pretty unlikely that he might stay in politics for rest of this term because it’s not a long-term option unless he thinks he can make a comeback,” he said.

Of course, anyone with a brain operating at more than one rev per minute would have predicted the exact opposite (which is precisely what The Marcus Review did) given that Tony Abbott himself said that he intended to remain in Parliament and that there was only one more year until the next election anyway:

It’s been a tumultuous week and I now intend to spend some time with my family to think about the future,” Mr Abbott told

But my intention is to remain in the Parliament.

The heading of Malcolm Farr’s article on also seemed to be offering Professor Walter a not so subtle hint:

Dumped PM Tony Abbott says he intends to stay in Parliament

With previous journal article titles such as “What if Whitlam had won another opportunity to implement his program?” and “Why prime ministers go too far: The case of John Howard”, coupled with the fact that professor is not ‘teaching’ at the moment due to a ‘research only contract’, the professor’s struggles with common sense and reality should come as no surprise. I wonder if he got paid to be Malcolm Farr’s shill for the day?

One thought on “Another Leftist Prediction Goes Down the Toilet”

  1. Whilst unlikely wouldn’t it be grand if Abbott would actually regain prime ministership – if nothing else it would make certain people very unhappy! The entire ABC staff would have a “group aneurism” 🙂


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