Month: March 2016

Editorial – Has Mr Jingles Had a John Hewson Moment?

Have you ever played fetch with a dog and pretended to throw the ball for the dog to chase? The first time you do it, the dog cheerfully bolts off to ‘retrieve’ the ball. Then, after about 20 metres, it stops – confused as to where the ball is. After a bit of sniffing around, it ruefully trots back to you with no idea of what happened and how the ball ended up back in your hands.

Amused by the whole affair, you do it again with the same result. However, after about the third or fourth time, the dog is on to your charade. As you ‘throw’ the ball, it now just sits there looking at you – wondering when you’re going to stop taking it for a fool and just throw the damn thing.

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Don’t Move or the Reef Gets it!

The coral bleaching event taking place in northern parts of the Barrier Reef provides another example of how we’re not being given the whole story when it comes to anything climate change related.

As you’ll soon see, this is yet another climate change story with plenty of emotion, funny numbers, nonsensical comparisons, a ‘worst ever’ proclamation… and several missing key facts.

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More Evidence on the Safe Schools Agenda

To anyone who has read the Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ unit guide, it’s clear that there was a sinister socialistic agenda behind it. The lack of parental engagement and transparency was particularly worrying.

Anyone still unsure need look no further than this disturbing report from The Australian:

Safe Schools operatives have been coaching educators to dismiss parental concerns over the contentious sex and gender-­diversity program, asserting that parents are powerless to shut it down.

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We’re Still Waiting Malcolm

In his appearance on the ABC’s 7.30 program last night, Leigh Sales asked Malcolm Turnbull a very simple question:

LEIGH SALES: … (W)hat was the point of [replacing Tony Abbott] because there’s been very little policy change?

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Dozens Flock to Protest Safe Schools Changes in Perth

After a long hard day at work, reader Sasha came across this Safe Schools protest held in the Murray Street Mall, Perth early this evening.

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Safe Schools Program to be Overhauled

It finally appears that some common sense is starting to prevail on this issue:

The hotly contested Safe Schools anti-bullying program will be drastically overhauled after Malcolm Turnbull bowed to pressure from conservative MPs and moved to quell a backbench revolt.

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Tasmania’s Energy Scandal

Tasmania has provided yet another example of what happens when you let the lunatics run the asylum for too long. This time, it has run out of electricity to the point of needing 200 temporary diesel generators – at a start up cost of $44 million, plus operating costs of $22 million per month.

As you’ll soon see, these costs are merely the steam emanating from the hot pile of dung shoveled up in this scandal – whose key players include a greedy government owned hydroelectric operator, an inept State government and Australia’s most socialistic Prime Minister in history.

Even if you’re not Tasmanian, you should care about this: it’s your money that’s paying for it.

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Kelly O’Dwyer on Thin Ice

That’s two strikes now for the newly appointed assistant treasurer, who is increasingly looking incompetent for the role.

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Safe Schools to Become Compulsory in Victoria

If you’re in Victoria, the outcome of the Federal government’s review into the Safe Schools Coalition ‘All of Us’ program probably won’t matter:

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Highly Intelligent Businessman vs Political Inquiry

Reader Peter Part reminded me of this classic today and this site would be incomplete without it.

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