Dozens Flock to Protest Safe Schools Changes in Perth

After a long hard day at work, reader Sasha came across this Safe Schools protest held in the Murray Street Mall, Perth early this evening.

Given that the elements of the program which promote LGTBI tolerance, respect and anti-bullying will remain, I’m not sure what there was to protest about. Indeed, Sasha tells me she had a very difficult time ascertaining what the ‘very angry’ speaker was on about as she walked by (PS: it was Lynn MacLaren of the WA Greens). Perhaps she and her fellow attendees were heartbroken with the program’s socialistic agenda being eradicated.

Looking at the photos, it also appears that most of the roused rabble did not share a similar type of day to Sasha’s either.

Also note the involvement of the National Tertiary Education Union for reasons that don’t seem readily apparent other than a shared thirst for socialism.



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