We’re Still Waiting Malcolm

In his appearance on the ABC’s 7.30 program last night, Leigh Sales asked Malcolm Turnbull a very simple question:

LEIGH SALES: … (W)hat was the point of [replacing Tony Abbott] because there’s been very little policy change?

MALCOLM TURNBULL: … Well that’s – that’s quite untrue … (W)e dealt with Senate voting reform. That was not on the agenda

Andrew Bolt has already made the point that Senate voting reform was already on Tony Abbott’s agenda and that Turnbull’s answer was therefore false.

Without wanting to downplay the significance of this point, I think there’s an even more important point to be made – that being, even if Turnbull’s comment was true, so what? The real issue is that Turnbull has done absolutely nothing over the last six months to the point where this is the best he can offer.

Talk about being flogged with a warm lettuce.

I can only take it that Turnbull also doesn’t think too much of his $1.1 billion ‘get excited and put your business fraudthinking hats on’ scheme.

At least he managed to save some furniture in dealing with Sales’ completely demented view on negative gearing:

In true ABC faux-aggressive style (put away that knife though, Leigh), Sales came up with this amazingly garbled proposition:

“In your first interview with this program as Prime Minister you said that the first principles of the Turnbull government would be the free market, so why are you now violating that principle by backing negative gearing, which is a government intervention that distorts the market,” she said.

“That is so wrong, Leigh,” Mr Turnbull said. ”Negative gearing is income tax 101, and a normal tax deduction, not a government incentive.”

Meanwhile, Australia continues to wait for a functional government. It’s been 3032 days and counting.

10 thoughts on “We’re Still Waiting Malcolm”

  1. An ARAB wearing a BRA walks into a BAR, orders ARAK and says BRR. Then comes his BARK: Allahu AKBAR.
    All this can be found in, you guessed it, karabar. Scary!


  2. The point is: Abbotts’ popularity was getting worse by the day. Deservedly or not is hardly relevant. The Coalitions’ prospect of winning the next election has vastly improved with Turnbull. In the absence of any credible guarantee that Abbott could in fact have won, the Liberals had no alternative. Winning an election is everything in politics.

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    1. “The Coalitions’ prospect of winning the next election has vastly improved with Turnbull.”
      Please provide evidence, or at the very least attempt to explain your acceptance of such nonsense.


      1. I thought what I said was fairly easy to comprehend. Opinion polls usually paint a pretty reliable picture. Voters prefer Turnbull over Abbott. Please provide evidence, or at the very least attempt to explain why my opinion is nonsense.

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        1. The reason that Turnbull pounced before the Canning poll was that it was obvious that Hastie would win the election, making it nearly impossible for the traitor to do his dirty work.
          Opinion polls that reported Turnbull had more support for preferred Prime Minister included ALP and Greens voters who would never vote for the coalition anyhow.
          Coalition voter preferred Abbott before and they still do, according to the most recent Essential polling.
          If you get your information from the ABC, you can be certain that it is wrong.
          In case you are interested, the reason that Goldman Sachs and the UN backed Turnbull in his treachery was known six months before the event.


      2. Very interesting video probably with some merit. The reason however why, as you put it, “Turnbull bounced” was only one: he had the numbers! He did it because he could! The majority of Liberals in parliament thought Turnbull was the safer bet. Nothing to do whether I rely on ABC or someone else to form my opinion. THEY did and replaced Abbott. I personally would certainly not have.


      3. Karabar – “If you get your information from the ABC, you can be certain that it is wrong.” lol
        So you believe the corporate MSM? A FOX and Bolt Report aficionado?
        Using Lard Mockton as a source of information – lol – you have immediately lost your argument!
        Preferencing paid skeptics and people who disseminate propaganda shows your mindset Karabar. Next you will be saying te earth is flat..


    1. I can’t blame you karabar. The disenfranchisement Turnbull has caused is extreme. I must admit, I underestimated it. For many, spite will override the pragmatism of picking the least odious of the two alternatives on offer.


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