Marcus is a private lawyer, a lawyer for money. He runs his own legal practice and has been in the game for 14 years. He also has a keen interest in politics and calling bad journalism.

When he’s not being a lawyer, he can be found talking trash on a basketball court or tending to his fruit trees.

If you are in Perth, Western Australia and would like to see if Marcus can help, get in touch here.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Great blog Marcus. Great writing, great subjects and insightful commentary.
    When the left come for me for crimes against humanity via tax evasion for CO2 exhalation without the proper permit. I’ll retain you for legal representation.

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  2. Hi Marcus – Only recently became familiar with your web site &, in particular, your commentary related to the CAGW scam . Great stuff. Look forward to more of the same. Rgds, Jim Simpson, Climate Realists of Five Dock.


    1. Hi Jim, thanks for the lovely feedback. The amount of misinformation in this area is absolutely staggering. Any time you see a MSM news report on anything climate change related, it’s almost a 100% bet that it is horribly misleading and missing in basic facts. While I’m open to the fact that humans are harming the planet in various ways (e.g. pollution, deforestation), I refuse to sign up to the carbon dioxide boogeyman as the reason. Like you said, the whole thing is nothing more than a scam – that feeds on people’s guilt and apathy to searching for the truth.


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