Month: September 2016

How Are Those Renewables Going?

South Australia’s government, the rabbid left and the rent-seeking renewables industry had this coming and deserve every little bit of what comes their way.

Here is the latest nonsense they are trying to peddle:

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Two of These States Are Not Like the Others

South Australia:

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Polls From the First Debate

Following the first US presidential debate, the disconnect between regular people and the ruling class and mainstream media couldn’t be more obvious.

How many people could you find on TV or in the news that were willing to say that Trump won, or that it was even a draw? TMR couldn’t find one.

‘That’s because she actually did win’ seems reasonable to say at face value – until you start looking at some actual polls taken around America:

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TMR’s Presidential Debate Diary

TMR tuned into the first of the three American presidential debates and gives the following account of how it all went down:

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Venezuela Has Completely Run Out of Other Peoples’ Money

For those who haven’t been following the dire situation in Venezuela, it serves as a timely reminder of what happens when extreme socialism takes over. This is the sad story of how Venezuela came to be and why it matters for Australia and every other developed nation in the world.

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How Quickly We Forget

The fact that two children have now come to school dressed as Adolf Hitler – and won ‘best costume’ prizes – has gone under far too many peoples’ radars. Worse still, many people who are aware of what happened seem to have blithely disregarded the significance of the events. TMR refuses to do the same.

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TMR Celebrates its First Birthday

The kind people at WordPress have informed me that TMR is now one year old.

I would like to sincerely thank the tens of thousands of readers who have stopped by in this time. Your readership and support have been greatly appreciated and are what keep this blog going.

A very special thanks also goes to my lovely partner – who has patiently listened to all of my opinions over the years, encouraged me to set up TMR and even coined its name for good measure. Without her, TMR would not exist.

A big thank you also goes to reader Peter Part – my number one debating partner, who always challenges me and makes me think. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the finest gifts that can be given to another person.

Lastly, I would like to thank those on TMR’s wall of fame for:

  • generously sharing some of their hard earned goodwill with me;
  • letting me shamelessly spruik TMR’s content on their sites from time to time; and
  • being good sports and not asking that I take their photos down.

I will not forget what each of you has done for me and will be sure to pass it on.

Yes, the EU Really Wants to Raise an Army

I’m amazed that so few people I have spoken to are aware of this. Each time, I get the same response: ‘surely this isn’t true, why would they need to do this?’.

If you’re one of those people, here’s Sky News confirming the reality – albeit as an afterthought at the end of a Brexit article:

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Don’t Mention the B-word

An Iranian-Australian and a Chinaman walk into a bar…

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The Price is Left – Idiot Economics at its Finest

One has to wonder if there are any competent economic journalists left in the media.

This whiffy offering was served up in yesterday’s West Australian by its economics editor, Shane Wright:

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