How Are Those Renewables Going?

South Australia’s government, the rabbid left and the rent-seeking renewables industry had this coming and deserve every little bit of what comes their way.

Here is the latest nonsense they are trying to peddle:


Apparently, it’s the poles and wires’ fault for falling over in a storm – and not the scandalously moronic composition of South Australia’s energy infrastructure. A system built on the mysterious principle that it’s ok to use brown coal as long as someone else is generating it… and as long as there’s a really dodgy and expensive extension cord plugged into it.

Tasmania has done it and now South Australia has done it. Look at where they are now. Pathetic.


Poles and wires have been knocked over countless times in the past. Not once in Australia’s history has it resulted in AN ENTIRE STATE losing its power. Just stop and think about that.

Don’t let them get away with it. Take the fight to them and rub their noses in the dung pile that they’ve laid.

2 thoughts on “How Are Those Renewables Going?”

  1. Thanks for the link John, I’ll give it a read in front the heater tonight. I’m always keen on learning more about these things. I still haven’t forgotten the extra sources you provided on the Safe Schools crew either!

    As for this particular issue, there’s only so much you can handle someone urinating on your foot and being told that it’s raining!


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