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How’s That ‘Official’ Polling Looking Now?

A lot of people are wondering how Trump won yesterday’s election. For some, it came as no surprise at all.

The following videos amplify how so many of us (myself included) took the official polling hook, line and sinker – but not these guys:

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TMR’s US Election Diary: Trump Wins!!!

TMR’s US election diary takes the form of an SMS conversation with reader Peter Part.


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Polls From the First Debate

Following the first US presidential debate, the disconnect between regular people and the ruling class and mainstream media couldn’t be more obvious.

How many people could you find on TV or in the news that were willing to say that Trump won, or that it was even a draw? TMR couldn’t find one.

‘That’s because she actually did win’ seems reasonable to say at face value – until you start looking at some actual polls taken around America:

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TMR’s Presidential Debate Diary

TMR tuned into the first of the three American presidential debates and gives the following account of how it all went down:

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Fossil Fuel Industry Referred to FBI for ‘Climate Denial’

Apparently, the ‘climate denial apparatus that the fossil fuel industry has erected’ is just as bad as what the tobacco industry did – and worthy of prosecution under the US Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (a.k.a. RICO Act).

This is an absolute farce and a shameless destruction of taxpayer money – and people wonder why Trump is gaining in popularity. At this rate, we’ll have a world climate change court up and running in no time.