World Climate Change Court Apparently Needed

What is it with the extreme Left and its thirst for authoritarianism? According to one lawyer, we need a ‘world court’ to deal with ‘false claims by climate sceptics’:

‘Scientific bodies such as the UN’s climate science panel have concluded that climate change is underway and caused by humans, Prof Philippe Sands QC told an audience at the UK’s Supreme Court. But a ruling by a body such as the International Court of Justice (ICJ) would carry much more weight with public opinion and help pave the way for future legal cases on climate change, he said.

“One of the most important things an international court could do – in my view it is probably the single most important thing it could do – is to settle the scientific dispute,” Sands said, on the eve of a three-day conference on climate change and international law in London.

“A finding of fact on one or more of these matters [such as whether climate change is man-made], or indeed on other pertinent matters, would be significant and authoritative and could well be dispositive on a range of future actions, including negotiations.” Scientifically-settled questions such as whether climate change is even happening are still being challenged by “scientifically qualified, knowledgeable and influential persons”, he said’.

Gee, I wonder how what kind of ‘ruling’ the professor thinks such a court should (and would) make? Would a trial even be needed? The only thing missing is the ‘Climate Change Gestapo’, which could help with rounding up any dissenters and heretics who do not conform.

I wonder if any false claims made by global warming alarmists would also be dealt with by such a court?

Note to the professor: if those pesky ‘scientifically qualified, knowledgeable and influential persons’ you refer to are challenging something, then perhaps it’s not as ‘scientifically settled’ as you claim. Perhaps it needs more investigation and discussion by real scientists, rather than your proposed army of lawyers and judges.

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