Day: September 22, 2015

Families Making $150,000 a Year Don’t Need Welfare

As a percentage, how much of our total taxes do you think should be spent on social security and welfare? Before you come up with your number, try to think of all the things we expect our federal government to do when it comes to health, education, defence, major infrastructure, international relations and disaster relief (just to name a few).

Good, now keep your nominated percentage in mind.

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Now Why Would the CFMEU Destroy Documents?

You can see why the unions were lobbying so hard to have Deyson Heydon removed and to try and have the Royal Commission shut down. It’s amazing to think that these guys thought that they could get away with such brazen conduct:

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France’s Credit Rating Downgraded

When socialists are in power, it’s often only a matter of time before they run out of other people’s money.

It takes a lot to get Moody’s off their backsides and downgrade the credit rating of a ‘wealthy, well-diversified economy’, so full credit to Hollande’s administration for this achievement reported on Sky News:

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Editorial – Goodes Retires: Boogate Hopefully Now Over

Adam Goodes is a champion footballer and one of the very best of his generation. By all accounts, he’s also an absolute gentlemen who gives a lot back to the community.

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