Day: September 17, 2015

Editorial – Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministerial Obituary

Never accepted and never going to be

Rightly or wrongly, the public never warmed to Tony Abbott and were never going to. His unpopularity was simply terminal. Even his own party never really accepted him as leader. There is even the famous rumour that senior Liberals told an ambitious Abbott during the Howard years, ‘sorry Tony, we just don’t see you as Prime Minister material’. With that, politics was never going to end up being kind to Abbott as Prime Minister – and it wasn’t.

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About the Refugee Who Set Himself on Fire

The Earth is finally rid of this abomination.

Ali Jaffari was no plain ‘refugee who set himself on fire’. He was a convicted child sex offender and child pornography collector. He also famously weaselled his way out of a further child sex offence charge when the Magistrate (Magistrate Ron Saines) said it was simply a matter of ‘cultural differences’:

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