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Melbourne’s Wonderful Diversity

Diversity is like many things in life: if you do not exercise it in careful moderation, then you’re going to have a bad time.

To demonstrate this point, imagine you are cooking spaghetti bolognese and looking to add some herbs as a finishing touch. You could either:

  • add none;
  • use the tried and true combination of basil and oregano; or
  • be innovative and come up with your own combination of a few herbs, which may or may not include oregano and basil.

Alternatively, for those of the left, it would be remiss of me not mention that you could also choose to:

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Was There a Link Between Boat Arrivals and Gillard’s Live Export Ban?

Barnaby Joyce has come under fire for linking the Gillard government’s live export ban with an increase in asylum seeker boat arrivals. Here’s what he said:

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Sometimes, the Truth Hits You in the Face

Normal people tend to avoid towns like Rinkeby (which has an immigrant concentration of around 89% and a strong history of violence) for safety reasons. The silly and naive go there unsupervised. Meanwhile, the crew at 60 Minutes, along with the suicidal and death-incarnate, plough in there head first and stay even when the local police refuse to stick around.

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I’m an Iraqi, Get Me Outta Here!

One of the points often lost in the ‘refugee’ crisis is the reality that a startling amount of the people marching into Europe simply aren’t refugees.

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Victims ‘Provoking’ Criminals

Andrew Bolt blogs about an outrageous incident involving Jens Müller, a German town Mayor who gave some interesting practical advice to locals:

The Mayor of a small German town has caused outrage, telling concerned residence their children must stay away certain areas and “not provoke” migrants to avoid sexual harassment, as well as suggesting they need not worry because German men are a “problem” too.

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Refugee Advocate – Nauru an ‘Island Gulag’

Nauru has announced that it will end the detention of 600 asylum seekers it is holding.

Not only is this not good enough for Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition, but he has also decided to level this unprovoked broadside at the good people of Nauru while he is at it:

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SMH Thinks Labor Stopped the Boats

Andrew Bolt points us to an article of Nicole Hasham’s in the Sydney Morning Herald, which audaciously tries to argue that Labor were the ones who really stopped the boats. Here is the graph they rely on:

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No Need for Border Protection Minister on Turnbull’s Security Council

Can anybody tell me why Peter Dutton, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, whose ministry is in charge of a government operation called ‘Operation Sovereign Borders‘ has been removed from the government’s national security council by Turnbull?

I’m all ears…

Turnbull’s Refugee Resolve to be Tested – Further Update

I have written twice on this topic in the last four days and there is nothing to suggest that there won’t be a lot more coming.

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Turnbull’s Refugee Resolve to Be Tested – Update

Two days ago, I suspected that Turnbull was going to have his refugee resolve tested. Firstly, there was Jaffari who set himself on fire. Then there was the open letter to Turnbull penned by asylum seekers at Manus Island.

Now, there’s a lot more to come as Greg Sheridan of The Australian outlines:

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