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Rudd’s UN Failure Shows Again That the Delcons Won

Anyone who thinks that the supposedly deluded conservative base of the Liberal Party didn’t win – or achieve exactly what it set out to achieve from the 2016 federal election – needs to look at the Kevin Rudd’s failed UN campaign and think again.

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What Did We Get for Our $400 Billion Loan? (Part 1)

In 2006, the federal government had $45 billion in net assets (4% of GDP). Today, it has a cataclysmic $400 billion debt on the books, which is budgeted to grow to $480 billion within the next four years.

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What Did We Get for Our $400 Billion Loan? (Part 3)

The hunt for where our money went continues here in Part 3:

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Editorial – Malcolm, We Have a Spending Problem

While Turnbull and Bishop try to chophold hands with the Saudis on human rights, let’s go back to what Turnbull’s biggest focus should be – the budget. You know, that thing which currently has a $400 billion dollar debt sitting on the books, with annual deficits adding around $35 billion to the pile each year – and to which our future prosperity is tied.

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SMH Thinks Labor Stopped the Boats

Andrew Bolt points us to an article of Nicole Hasham’s in the Sydney Morning Herald, which audaciously tries to argue that Labor were the ones who really stopped the boats. Here is the graph they rely on:

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Abbott Now Apparently a Sook

You can always trust the Sydney Morning Herald to come up with this kind of garbage. I’ll spare you the frustration of reading the entire stink and take you straight to the A-grade journalism provided:

‘A big “sook”, said one Twitter user. Where is Abbott’s “fortitude”, asked another’.

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Abbott Now Apparently Not Academic Enough

News.com.au loves a good Abbott bashing and this time managed to find Monash University arts professor James Walter to join the party:

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