Abbott Now Apparently a Sook

You can always trust the Sydney Morning Herald to come up with this kind of garbage. I’ll spare you the frustration of reading the entire stink and take you straight to the A-grade journalism provided:

‘A big “sook”, said one Twitter user. Where is Abbott’s “fortitude”, asked another’.

After all his years at journalism school (I’m assuming he went there), is this really what Matthew Knott thinks passes for journalism? I bet he had to investigate really hard to find those educated opinions.

As with all things in life, it’s all relative. To judge whether Abbott really is a sook, we have to compare him to other similarly knifed Prime Ministers. Thankfully, there are plenty of apples to compare apples with here:

(Picture from

Here is a link to Abbott’s outgoing speech if you want to compare it to Rudd’s teary farewell linked above.

2 thoughts on “Abbott Now Apparently a Sook”

  1. Well put and so very true 😢 you’d think the Abbott bashing could cease by now but no – its like an addiction witb these morons😈


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