Refugee Advocate – Nauru an ‘Island Gulag’

Nauru has announced that it will end the detention of 600 asylum seekers it is holding.

Not only is this not good enough for Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition, but he has also decided to level this unprovoked broadside at the good people of Nauru while he is at it:

Ian Rintoul from Refugee Action Coalition told Sky News the announcement was ‘meaningless’.

Nauru operates as an island gulag … a thousand people are still confined on Nauru itself’.

NB: ‘Gulag’ was the name given to the Soviet government agency which ran forced labour camps during the Stalin era.

Ian will have to excuse me and every other person with an IQ over 30 for not sharing his views on how to put a tropical island and Gulag in the same sentence.

How does Rintoul get away with saying this sort of garbage? Why does Sky News even ask him for an opinion on the matter?

One thought on “Refugee Advocate – Nauru an ‘Island Gulag’”

  1. Nauru could become our worst enemy in a relatively short time. According to Wikipedia they have around 10000 citizens. How long before the Muslim slime will overtake, build Mosques paid for by Australia and use these places of “worship” to radicalise against us?


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