One Country Takes Its Medicine, Another Refuses

Full credit to the people of Portugal for not completely giving in to socialism and shameless populism. I say ‘not completely’ as they now have a cross-bench issue not unlike Australia’s:

Lisbon (AFP) – Portugal’s ruling centre-right coalition won a general election on Sunday seen as a referendum on its austerity policies, but near-complete results indicated it has lost its absolute majority in parliament.

…the coalition between the premier’s Social Democrats and the conservative Popular Party looks set to fall short of the 116 seats needed to control the 230-seat chamber, leaving them outnumbered by the Socialists and MPs from smaller leftist parties.

I can only hope that Coelho is better than Abbott was at dealing with this issue.

Greece, on the other hand, recently chose more socialism.

Let’s see where they both end up.

One thought on “One Country Takes Its Medicine, Another Refuses”

  1. Coelho would have to be a magician to achieve what Abbott could’nt – even if Coelho is more popular – it would still require Portuguese politicians to actually adopt common sense!


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