Day: October 5, 2015

Perth Lord Mayor Engaged in ‘Serious Misconduct’

Not that anyone should have any sympathy whatsoever, but this is the last thing Scaffidi needed during her City of Perth re-election campaign:

The Corruption and Crime Commission said on Monday that Ms Scaffidi had ‘signally failed in her duties’ by not disclosing in her annual return the US$36,800 hospitality package, which included luxury hotel accommodation and business class airfares. 

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Refugee Advocate – Nauru an ‘Island Gulag’

Nauru has announced that it will end the detention of 600 asylum seekers it is holding.

Not only is this not good enough for Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition, but he has also decided to level this unprovoked broadside at the good people of Nauru while he is at it:

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One Country Takes Its Medicine, Another Refuses

Full credit to the people of Portugal for not completely giving in to socialism and shameless populism. I say ‘not completely’ as they now have a cross-bench issue not unlike Australia’s:

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