Turnbull’s Refugee Resolve to be Tested?

You bet it will be. Country shoppers and human traffickers are not stupid. They are well aware of Turnbull’s political profile and will most certainly have a go.

When a person in detention set themselves on fire the day after Turnbull was appointed, I thought to myself ‘gee they move quick!’. Then I realised it was Ali Jaffar (who I wrote about two days ago) and thought again.

But then along comes this letter to Turnbull penned by the asylum seekers at Manus Island barely a day later.

Something tells me this is just getting started.

3 thoughts on “Turnbull’s Refugee Resolve to be Tested?”

  1. They’ll try but he ain’t gonna be that stupid. The man doesn’t give a …. about anyone but himself. why would he risk his PMship for some refugees. It would cost far more votes than could be gained.


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