Turnbull’s Refugee Resolve to be Tested – Further Update

I have written twice on this topic in the last four days and there is nothing to suggest that there won’t be a lot more coming.

Today, Paul Toohey of The Daily Telegraph gives us further warning:

‘A well-connected Iranian asylum-seeker stranded in Jakarta told News Corp he was approached by an Iranian smuggler a month ago, who told him the leadership would soon change and that the way to Australia would reopen.

The smuggler guaranteed a ride to Australia for US$5000, once a new prime minister was installed.

“He said the Australian PM will change and after that we start,” said the asylum-seeker… The smugglers’ recruitment campaign did not identify incoming Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a soft touch on boats.

Rather, Tony Abbott was pitched as so hard line that any replacement would be milder’.

Andrew Bolt gives us further reason to be concerned:

‘Malcolm Turnbull on Sky News this morning sent a dangerous signal. He refused to rule out changes to our border policies, and thanked a journalist for caring about illegal immigrants on Manus Island and Nauru. Uh oh’.

Every illegal country shopper we allow through the gate means one less place for a genuine refugee.

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