Sometimes, the Truth Hits You in the Face

Normal people tend to avoid towns like Rinkeby (which has an immigrant concentration of around 89% and a strong history of violence) for safety reasons. The silly and naive go there unsupervised. Meanwhile, the crew at 60 Minutes, along with the suicidal and death-incarnate, plough in there head first and stay even when the local police refuse to stick around.

60 Minutes was probably trying use Rinkeby to show how fantastic mass multiculti social engineering can be, that we have nothing to be afraid of and that Australia should be less xenophobic and more like Rinkeby:

Avpixlat said on Tuesday that the foreign TV crew had been keen to film “mass immigration to Sweden” and wanted to add some “local colour” to their report by interviewing residents in Rinkeby.

So where the bloody hell are you?

After the experiencing Rinkeby’s local colour first hand, it will be interesting to see where 60 Minutes goes from here with the story – which will air in a few weeks.

I have no idea why 60 Minutes partnered with Avpixlat (a Swedish news agency which is apparently ‘anti-immigration’). I can only guess that there wasn’t room in the budget for a Swedish translator. Regardless, 60 Minutes did not walk into Rinkeby with the intention of having the stuffing kick out of its crew by ‘men’ and beaming it to the whole world. These are obviously unforeseen circumstances.

So who were these ‘men’? Well, that’s a very interesting question. 60 Minutes has issued a predicable ‘nothing to see here’ statement (which is pretty much all thinks you should know). It also appears that the local police may be suffering from Cologne Syndrome

A spokesperson for the city’s police force, Lars Byström, initially confirmed to The Local that police were investigating the allegations after being called to the scene on Monday afternoon.

“It happened at around 3.45pm yesterday. We were told there was a film team and there were some youngsters who were in the car and there was some kind of argument between the team and then the driver drove over the cameraman’s foot.”

However he later said that police had decided to close the case, noting that while some media reports suggested that the crew had also been hit or had objects thrown at them by “masked men”, no-one had come forward in person to make such claims.

“That [the report about the foot] is the only report that I have seen and if someone has been punched please tell them to go to a police station and make a report because we cannot do any investigation based on what is in a paper or on Twitter or Facebook,” he told The Local.

He said that in the context of the current available information, “very experienced police officers” had made the decision to focus their resources elsewhere.

The lack of a formal complaint is probably a precursor of where 60 Minutes intends to go with its story. That said, now that the cat is out of the bag, its options are far more limited as there’s only so much tripe people will swallow.

Meanwhile, newspapers such as The Sydney Morning Herald refuse to say anything about the attackers other than that they were 100%, most definitely, without a doubt, ‘masked men’. Curiously, with the exception of the UK’s Daily Mail (which has provided a more fulsome account), conservative sites such as the Herald Sun appear to be missing in action on the story so far.

You didn’t think it was the mainstream media’s job to investigate these things did you?

There’s no need to worry, it’s all probably just ‘lone wolf’ stuff, like this:

The nation also made global headlines when an employee at a migrant reception center was killed on Jan. 25.

Alexandra Mezher, 22, was slain in Mölndal while trying to break up a fight between two teenagers. The young woman died of stab wounds inflicted by a migrant. Somali refugee Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, 15, has been charged with her murder.

And this:

Security guards hired to protect actor Jude Law were reportedly attacked and robbed by a gang of migrants during the star’s recent visit to the notorious “Jungle” refugee camp in northern France.

The 43-year-old British actor was in Calais with a film crew and singer Tom Odell to highlight the plight of child refugees who are being evicted from the camp, which is set to be demolished, Mirror Online reported.

(Thanks to reader DF).

(NB: the picture at the top of this article was taken in Rinkeby following the 2013 riots in Stockholm).

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