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Cash and the Liberals Capitulate

For reasons known only to the clinically insane, Michaelia Cash has decided to show some of the confidential volumes of Heydon’s TURC report to Labor and the Greens. This is despite the fact that she said this would not happen two days ago!

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Labor Wants Classified Royal Commission Documents

The Australian reports that Labor has asked the government for copies of top secret Trade Union Royal Commission documents:

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Kathy Jackson Shows Why Turnbull’s Innovation Policy is Bankrupt

In case you’re not familiar with the union corruption saga in Australia:

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Australia’s Rule of Law Has Problems

If you’re part of Australia’s political class, different rules appear to apply. The two recent examples that stick out like the proverbial dog’s appendages are:

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Now Why Would the CFMEU Destroy Documents?

You can see why the unions were lobbying so hard to have Deyson Heydon removed and to try and have the Royal Commission shut down. It’s amazing to think that these guys thought that they could get away with such brazen conduct:

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