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Mental Health Break

When TMR’s not busy being a lawyer, talking trash on a basketball court somewhere, tending to his fruit trees or lamenting the state of our nation’s finances – he’s working on his guitar skills. His latest foray involves compiling a jazz style arrangement for the timeless classic, Fly Me to the Moon – an absolute treasure trove of seventh chord variants to explore and experiment with.

As one typically does with this pastime, TMR went to YouTube and found the following three delights to draw inspiration from.

Coming in with the bronze medal was this beautifully understated composition by the very cleverly named ortoPilot and his capo:

Second place went to this unbelievable composition put together by Tommy Emmanuel and Emil Ernebro – which provided equal doses of jaw dropping amazement, inspiration and, of course, despondency!

However, trumping all of the above was this from (then) eight year old Norwegian girl, Angelina Jordan.

You may need a tissue:

Have a great weekend everyone!


Gratuitous Advertising – Siena House and Andrew Bolt’s Book

Politics and the scourge of the left couldn’t have been further from my mind while exploring Tuscany.

Consequently, the purpose of this post is to recommend the magnificent Siena House, run by Malvin and Amanda Tyler. Located in the heart of Tuscany, this four-room B&B is the perfect hub for exploring the region and is a stone’s throw away from:

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TMR on the Road

TMR is on the road in Europe and sends you the heartiest of greetings from its first stop in Munich.

Among many interesting things to note so far are that:

  • smokers and non-smokers seem to have an amazing ability to co-habitate, without one group having to wipe the other from the face of open air public spaces*; and
  • mindless political correctness is definitely not on the menu (see various items in the first section):

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Kathy Jackson Shows Why Turnbull’s Innovation Policy is Bankrupt

In case you’re not familiar with the union corruption saga in Australia:

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Gay People Can Unfairly Discriminate Too

Here’s the story:

  • Mother enrolls her kids in a drama class.
  • Mother later finds out that the teacher, shock horror, is gay.
  • Mother sends message to teacher saying that her kids will no longer be attending his classes because of the teacher’s ‘lifestyle’ and because she does not want her kids to be influenced ‘unconventional ideas’.
  • Teacher sends response to mother which goes viral.

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Modern Warfare

I can guarantee you that if any intelligent person had an ant plague in their backyard, their strategic response would not exclusively involve getting out a revolver and periodically shooting some of the ants roaming the surface. They also probably wouldn’t attempt to ‘open up a dialogue’ with the ants in order to better understand them or get their friends to denounce the ants on social media.

(Please correct me if I’m wrong and you have successfully eradicated ants with any of these strategies).

Knowing this, why is bombing rubble into powdered rubble with air strikes pretty much the only strategy used by world leaders against IS to date? Unless, of course, the strategy is to keep the ants?