Modern Warfare

I can guarantee you that if any intelligent person had an ant plague in their backyard, their strategic response would not exclusively involve getting out a revolver and periodically shooting some of the ants roaming the surface. They also probably wouldn’t attempt to ‘open up a dialogue’ with the ants in order to better understand them or get their friends to denounce the ants on social media.

(Please correct me if I’m wrong and you have successfully eradicated ants with any of these strategies).

Knowing this, why is bombing rubble into powdered rubble with air strikes pretty much the only strategy used by world leaders against IS to date? Unless, of course, the strategy is to keep the ants?

2 thoughts on “Modern Warfare”

  1. Why do politicians continuously try to tell us that jihad has nothing to do with Islam (the religion) is beyond me. If Muslims are worried about being treated differently following the murderous rampage in Paris why don’t they openly protest and declare their disgust? They certainly were not shy complaining and even rioting when some cartoons upset them!


  2. Now France will go to war against ISIS.
    The question is how is it that the French can target all these sites at short notice based on American intelligence?

    And if America has known of these targets, why have the Americans never destroyed them in the past?

    This does not make sense. But it does reinforce the belief that Obama does not want to kill Muslims… even terrorist Muslims. He made that clear in his ‘outreach to Muslims’ speech in Cairo in 2009. He’s making it clear now, by his lack of action against Islamic State and his refusal to even say the words Islamic tTrrorism or Islamic jihad or radical Muslims or radical Islamists. He also refuses to accept Islamic attacks have anything to do with Islam


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