The Left: Classy as Ever

In case you thought the unhinged anti-Trump hysteria was dying down or that leftists had started accepting Trump’s presidency:

What is it with the extreme left and its hunger for such crudeness and violence?

What kind of deranged, classless imbeciles have the time and inclination to make this garbage?

As always, the blind hypocrisy of the left is astounding. In Australia, it’s apparently an outrage when a ‘ditch the witch‘ sign is displayed regarding a socialist female prime minister – but when a white middle aged (conservative) male is artificially depicted fornicating a dog and called a ‘dog f*****’ on national television or, in Trump’s case, shown defiling a statue (before being decapitated), it’s all suddenly just a few laughs and a case of conservatives not being able to take a joke.


8 thoughts on “The Left: Classy as Ever”

  1. Some hurried random thoughts on lefties [having just watched Lauren Southern’s casual chat on her experiences reporting on activist rallies].
    Seems to me that, while conservative activists are rather disparate and spontaneous, the Left is organized, unified and well-planned. Witness the float above, their signage and icons [e.g. the “pussy hats”]; all this takes large funding and planning – it’s a lot more than calling a spontaneous protest via social media. No, they have big money backers like Soros. They are unified in their self-hatred, in their virtue signalling, and their common goal to decimate democratic and Christian values.
    Almost by definition, conservatives share diffuse values [exemplified with the abortion issue], and their holding to a democratic system is accepting of a certain status quo. When objections are voiced, such voices are largely individual or voiced via micro-organizations. Lefties are far more singular-minded.
    Lauren’s video is here for anyone interested……..


    1. Is the majority silent becasue of human nature, or is it the product of a hundred years of propaganda in the indoctrination system that some folks like to call “education”?


  2. The REAL DEPLORABLES, as it turns out, exist in the rabid Left who prostrate themselves before such evil false prophets as Merkel, Corbyn (Jeremy not Piers) the Clintons, and , in Australia THE NOSE that walks like a man, De Natali.

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      1. So many because it’s much easier to be intellectually lazy, not to bother with logic, while at the same time to feel good by virtue-signalling to the peer group.

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