Day: March 10, 2017

Cross Post – WA Labor to Put Perth Mod Children Into High Rise CBD Towers

Would you send your children to school in a 16-25 story office tower where there are no ovals or playgrounds?

I didn’t think so.

Concerned citizen of Perth has brought my attention to this absolute disgrace which has been completely ignored by the media. While it may be too late to stop WA Labor coming into power, it doesn’t mean that Perth Modern, a fine public school which has produced the likes of Bob Hawke, Kim Beasley, Daryl Williams, Malcolm McCusker needs to be recklessly sacrificed along the way.

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Editorial – You Get What You Vote For

South Australians and Queenslanders recently learnt this the hard way, while Victorians learnt the hard-left way. Now, Western Australians look like they’re about to follow the lemmings off the cliff.

Bookies currently have Labor at $1.17, with the Liberals at $4.50. And make no mistake, this election won’t be another Brexit or Trump. Those were new movements challenging an establishment, while this election is simply a case of voters letting the other monkey have a go regardless of the cost. Indeed, you’d have to go back to 1959 when West Australians last let a State government last more than 10 years in power.

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