Where Do You Sit on the Political Spectrum?

I found this via Steve Kates and Catallaxy Files. It’s a set of 30 or so survey questions from the Sydney Morning Herald which show where you sit politically based on current issues.

Some of the questions are horribly loaded, such as:

  • ‘Large multinational companies should be heavily penalised for offshore tax avoidance’ (TMR: you mean for legally minimising tax?).
  • ‘The health of the Great Barrier Reef should be prioritised over coal mining’.

That said, it’s still fun to do and you’ll only need about 5-10 minutes all up. Take the survey here and feel free to post your result in the comments section below.

There’s a big post coming tomorrow, so stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Where Do You Sit on the Political Spectrum?”

  1. Thanks karabar. This is a much more intelligent survey. I was also plonked right next to the LDP – ever so slightly to the left.


  2. The survey is effective in demonstrating the insanity of a system that includes political parties. This is not democracy, when a voter casts a ballot for an individual, expecting that individual to have a similar mindset, when in fact that individual nearly all of the time is told how to vote on legislative bills. For real democracy, it is necessary to employ a system which allows true representation by population. That system is voteflux.org.


  3. Obviously I got way down in the bottom right corner. But what I don’t understand is why there’s a question asking if Di Natale would be a good leader for the country. He’s standing for the senate, so his chances of leading the country are pretty darn slim unless the change the rules somewhat


    1. I can’t even believe that the Greens were even part of the survey given their fringe political relevance – but hey, it’s the SMH we’re talking about here.


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