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Editorial – Retribution Has Been Served

The 2016 federal election has proven yet again that treachery and retribution are certainties in politics. TMR looks at where and how they were served.

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Has Shorten’s Campaign Been White-anted?

If you haven’t been following the Victorian CFA issue closely, let me quickly bring you up to speed: Daniel Andrews and the Victorian State Labor government are pushing to bring the Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA) (a volunteer organisation) under the control of the United Firefighters Union (UFU).

At face value, Andrews is simply paying back a debt owed to the UFU – largely for its assistance during the 2014 Victorian state election campaign. However, there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.

Although a state matter, the Victorian CFA issue has not been confined to Victoria. It has has involved years of treachery, intrigue and opportunism all rolled into a broad factional and union power struggle. As you’ll soon see, the CFA and Andrews are merely pawns – and they’ve had a far greater and more targeted impact on the 2016 federal election than you might think.

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Where Do You Sit on the Political Spectrum?

I found this via Steve Kates and Catallaxy Files. It’s a set of 30 or so survey questions from the Sydney Morning Herald which show where you sit politically based on current issues.

Some of the questions are horribly loaded, such as:

  • ‘Large multinational companies should be heavily penalised for offshore tax avoidance’ (TMR: you mean for legally minimising tax?).
  • ‘The health of the Great Barrier Reef should be prioritised over coal mining’.

That said, it’s still fun to do and you’ll only need about 5-10 minutes all up. Take the survey here and feel free to post your result in the comments section below.

There’s a big post coming tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Editorial – How to Vote Conservative

Now that pre-polling has opened for the 2016 federal election, The Marcus Review considers how small government and conservative voters can go about getting the job done at the ballot box.

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Editorial – Mr Ideas Still Running on Empty

I don’t come here often

I usually refrain from critiquing things that Bill Shorten says or does – because it involves either something completely unintelligible or a hackneyed sound bite designed to crudely grab at the lowest denominator. I would have to open up a separate blog just to deal with it all. It would also be a waste of our collective intelligence to devote too much real thinking time to Bill’s tripe.

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