Now Why Would the CFMEU Destroy Documents?

You can see why the unions were lobbying so hard to have Deyson Heydon removed and to try and have the Royal Commission shut down. It’s amazing to think that these guys thought that they could get away with such brazen conduct:

‘THE Royal Commission into Union Corruption has heard a recorded conversation in which former CFMEU boss Dave Hanna appears to admit dumping seven tonnes of documents the same day the union received a “notice to produce”.

Mr Hanna is heard saying: “I’ve shown Michael a receipt from the tip truck company that took away this to Michael Ravbar CFMEU. That dumped seven tonnes of documentation the day we got the subpoenas to provide all the paperwork on the 1st of April, April fool’s day.”’

Fools indeed. Did they really think the Royal Commission’s investigators would issue them with a subpoena and not tap their phones?

NB: If you don’t have a subscription to The Australian, then Michael Smith News has extensive (and I mean extensive) coverage of the Royal Commission and a great summary here.


Here is the official transcript of the conversation between the two CFMEU officials.

I’m no fortune teller, but I’m not predicting a bright future for either of them or anyone else in the CFMEU who was involved.

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