Is Your Toddler Ready to Start Early?

Here we go again… If you thought asking 11 year old children to role play as 16 year old homosexuals was inappropriate, then you might want to sit down for this one:

TODDLERS will be taught about sex, sexuality and cross-dressing in a controversial national program being rolled out at childcare centres and kindergartens next month.

Educators will be encouraged to use dress-ups to explain cross-dressing to kids and may even take group tours of the opposite sex’s toilets as part of the Start Early initiative.

Teachers will use material provided by Early Childhood Australia, and books such as the book Children’s Sexual Development and Behaviour: Pants Aren’t Rude, by Pam Linke.

Incredibly, this is not a practical joke – it actually exists and will be starting in late March 2016, seemingly with the support of the NSW State Government.


The resources and references for this program can be found by going here and include a book titled ‘Children’s Sexual Development and Behaviour – Pants Aren’t Rude’, which ECA offers for sale.

If you would like a copy of this 40 page book, then you’ll need to go here and part with $16.95 (an electronic version is also available, so you don’t have to wait for delivery).

Here’s some of the introduction:

This book is about how children develop sexually and how they express this in behaviour and how we can provide a positive and helpful environment for their learning and development. It deals with suggested responses to children’s sexual behaviour, talking with children about sex, and what to do when the behaviour is of concern.

Children are born as sexual beings without sexual inhibitions; they enjoy their bodies and are curious about how they work. It is the responsibility and opportunity of their first teachers, both parents and educators, to protect children’s natural positive feelings about themselves as sexual beings, to help them to learn to value sexuality, to express feelings about it naturally, and to ask what they need to know as they do in every other aspect of their lives.

When the responses by those around them to their early curiosity are negative, they can learn very early that the sexual parts of their bodies are not as acceptable as the rest of their bodies i.e. that pants are thought of as rude! They can learn to feel uncomfortable about the sexual parts of their bodies and about talking about them.

All I can honestly say is that it’s deeply disturbing to the point where I feel uncomfortable writing about it – other than for the purpose of getting as many parents informed as possible.

If you’re a parent of a toddler or early primary school aged child, I urge you to read this material, make up your own mind and take the action you consider appropriate.

Screen shots

I was going to share some screen shots. However, there are strict copyright terms attaching to the material which even includes the following extreme attempt to stop people getting informed (page 2):

Institutions and organisations including libraries and subscription agencies are not
permitted to distribute the e-book in any form.

Instead, I will merely lead you to some pages of interest:

  • Pages 20-23 – questions and suggested answers, with topics including condoms, the clitoris, genitalia, sexual intercourse, homosexuality and masturbation.
  • Page 24 – female genital mutilation: ‘is done for a variety of reasons, and usually out
    of love and concern for the young girl, e.g. that she will be able to find a husband and that she will fit into society’.
  • Page 30 – gender issues and cross-dressing (with preschool children being ‘allowed, often encouraged, to experiment with different roles’).

Early Childhood Australia response

In response to recent media coverage and criticism, Early Childhood Australia (ECA) has come out with the following misleading media release:

Early Childhood Australia is developing a teaching resource on respectful relations called Start Early. It is a long-term violence prevention program to help early childhood educators foster respect between children in the early years.

“There are no plans to roll out programs in kindergartens or pre-schools about cross-dressing or sex education,” said CEO Sam Page. “A sensational headline in news limited papers today is making a false claim.”

“Any one concerned about what is in these training modules for educators is welcome to sign up and see for themselves what is in them when they become available in coming weeks,”

As you will see from the above material, either ECA is either deliberately misleading people, or it simply doesn’t know the content of its own program.

And why are the training modules not yet ready for inspection and only available to those who ‘sign up’?

This blatant obfuscation is completely unacceptable from a publicly accountable body such as ECA. Combined with the aggressive copyright clauses I have referred to above, it definitely looks like ECA is hiding something.

(Thanks to reader Sasha).

22 thoughts on “Is Your Toddler Ready to Start Early?”

  1. This is outrages who gives them the right to tell or teach our children about sex of any kind.
    I won’t stand for this who do I talk to about this to go further.
    Who is going to be behind me and beside me in fighting this?
    Whats next having sex with animals is ok!
    Who writes this garbage..


    1. Hi Nikki

      Needless to say, this kind of garbage is written exclusively by radical leftists. For example, with the Safe Schools program, most of it has originated from radical Marxist Roz Ward who I’ve written extensively about on this blog (just click on the ‘LGTBI’ tag above and it’ll come up with pretty much every article I have written).

      In terms of who to speak to, I could tell you the standard things like ‘your local MP’ or ‘Early Childhood Australia’ – but it won’t get you very far. I also recommend that you avoid the natural instinct to berate your local kindergarten teacher as they have no authority and little idea about radical Marxist agendas in any event. You’ll only be making a scene for little in return – which plays into this sickening agenda’s hands. That said, by all means, ask your daughter’s teacher about whether she is ‘teaching’ any of this stuff. You are entitled to know.

      From there, the best thing you can do is simply share the truth about this as calmly and as factually as you possibly can – with as many people as you possibly can.

      Only when a critical mass is reached can something realistically be done. The problem at the moment is that hardly anybody knows about this (indeed, you’ll see that this post of mine is months old). That said, once someone becomes aware of the plain facts, they are typically shocked and disgusted.

      To help, you will see that all of my articles on this topic have been fully researched, linked and referenced to the source materials in question.



  2. What the hell, im going to ask my daughters kindergarten about this tomorrow and if they are teaching her any of this stuff (which is my job) im going to rip the place apart.


  3. The agenda is simple. Indoctrinate the children now, so that in 20-30 years time when they are voting and setting the agenda for society, they’ll think that these views on gender is normal.


  4. If parents don’t agree with this program they need to let the school know how they feel, face to face, and then put it in writing, adding that their child is not to participate. The child would be sent to the library to do work of some kind there.The school is duty bound to follow your wishes. If enough parents did this, something might be done about it. Also, go to the P & C and voice your concern. If you get them on side, the school will have to back down.The program should have been presented to parents before it began but then, the lefties are cunning and underhand so if they think they can get away with it, they will. Stand up to them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Annie, I couldn’t agree more. The people who create these agendas feed off apathy. However, I also feel for the child who is taken out of their All of Us class and made to feel like an outcast simply because the rest of the parents did not get informed. That said, I’m not sure what else parents can do – unless they pre-educated their child about socialist agendas and then sent the child in there to record the lessons!

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    2. I completely agree with your views with one exception – sending the child who’s parents objected to these teaching to the library will make the poor child feel like a “leper”. Parents need to present a united front so its not only one or two children that get “sent away” to the library.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I agree. The govt. has no place in teaching our children sex education. In my day it was fine, because it was good clean learning, but these days it is a dirty disgusting agenda they have. Our future Children are being treated like robots. Mum and Dad out there, speak up loud and clear please.


  5. I am totally horrified that the Government even thinks about introducing such a program. It can only be viewed as a means of ensuring a future generation of groomed children for the paedophiles and perverts. This type of program is more suited to an age when there can be some understanding of the subject matter, not at such an impressionable age when children are readily and easily manipulated. Shame on you who are pushing this agenda, shame.

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    1. It’s absolutely critical that these people are all brought to the surface so that everyone in the community can see them and what they’re doing. The biggest issue is that they’ve been allowed to do all these things in the background and away from our attention. The sneaky and underhanded nature in which the Start Early and the Safe Schools program have been introduced is deeply concerning and says everything about the real agenda behind it all – just look at the names of these programs and how little bearing they have to the content.

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  6. Sounds like these satanic bent creeps who are introducing this to schools are grooming young children for their peodaphile desires. This is what it is grooming on a very large scale. Stand up parents, morality is your job. Reading, writing and arithmetic is the schools job and they haven’t been doing that properly so why waste tax payer resources on this perverted garbage!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment Jo-Ann. The first step is awareness – it’s critical that this scheme is brought to the attention of as many parents as possible. So far, this post has been shared 530 times on Facebook. While this is a really good start, we need thousands and thousands of people sharing this before we can make a meaningful impact. I’m really worried that this will be swept under the rug and ECA will be allowed to carry on (their misleading media release indicates that this is exactly what they intend to do at present).


      1. The people responsible for introducing this to schools are dangerously smart – they aim to pervert at the very heart of vulnerability – our children – HItler did the same with the creation of his “Hitler Youth”.
        Hopefully with today’s help of social media enough people can be motivated to take this serious and stand up against it before it is too late!

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    2. Where does one find this disgusting stuff, it is in the govt. on their computers. They are the stalkers of our young children.


  7. It is not the government’s, nor the education department’s business to indoctrinate children with this sort of thing, and certainly not without the parents permission.

    Personally I find the whole scheme chilling, extremely inappropriate, and Orwellian.

    Let children be children, and not brainwash them.

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    1. Chilling is most certainly the right word. Something tells me private schools and kindergartens are going to see a surge in business from this.

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