Who Funded This Disgrace?

Of all the questions in the Queensland University section 18C debacle, the one that hasn’t been properly asked is who funded this lady and allowed her to cause so much carnage?

The students concerned were put through hell in trying to defend themselves, with some bailing out and paying the nominated $5,000 ransom to make the problem go away – simply because they could not afford to carry on and defend their good names.

However, what makes no sense whatsoever is how a university ‘administrative officer’ could afford to bring proceedings in the Federal Court at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. I say only ‘tens of thousands’ because the case was summarily and mercifully dismissed by Judge Jarrett in a 34 page decision without trial – on the basis that Ms Prior’s claim had no reasonable prospect of success if it went to trial (see paragraph 82).

Just stop and think about that for a minute: the case was nowhere near trial, yet it had already managed to drag on for three and a half years (of which a little bit over a year had been taken up in the Federal Court) at significant cost and stress to the respondents. Just imagine if it had been allowed to proceed to trial.

So who funded her? Was it the HRC? Was it some other entity funded by taxpayers? A white knight? Or are we to really believe that this receptionist had a cool half million or so just lying around with nothing better to spend it on than this delightful little jaunt? (I say ‘half million’ because she was obviously prepared to take the matter to trial against the three remaining respondents).

And if the students who ‘won’ the case are successful in obtaining a costs order against Ms Prior, who pays the bill?

If taxpayer money has been funneled into this utterly baseless claim and given it a life it never deserved, then the public has a right to know.

Is there a journalist out there willing to take this up?



10 thoughts on “Who Funded This Disgrace?”

  1. I think a very important question is the question of who will investigate this and more? The fourth estate seems to be limited to individuals, secreted away in lone columns or blogs.
    In this recent US election, I think the dearth of news coverage was never more obvious than at my house where there were no news networks on free-to-air that could be relied on to outfit a person with the “News”….there was an abundance of editorials and many programs masquerading as News but none delivering.
    I took to the internet and followed many twitter feeds, alternative news sites and google searches to update myself…..then came Wikileaks and all the actual stuff that had been going on began to be revealed……what a change to reality!
    The US public obviously experienced that too…..but not able to speak freely for fear of ridicule, abuse, attack they used the ballot box to speak their mind.
    What are we going to do, come next election?


    1. The people have been taken for fools for far too long. It may have taken time, but I do believe that they’re starting to see exactly what has been going on – hence Brexit and Trump. Australia will undoubtedly follow. Just look at the Orange by-election!


  2. its like all the refugee advocacy or environmental legal challenges.
    We are distracted by granny hippies and foreign money.

    The amount supplied by the taxpayer directly or via a Qango is the main source of funds.


    1. I strongly suspect that this is the case and we are entitled to know – it’s our money after all. Something tells me that the US is going to be wasting a hell of a lot less money on this kind of junk over the next four years (and hopefully beyond).


  3. Section 18C needs to be scrapped so no further blatant abuse of the law can occur – these poor students should be recompensed for their legal costs but not by the taxpayers instead the wilful complainant should pay with her own money!


  4. A seriously important question, we should be intitled to have answered. Is the HRC actually allowed to fund such destructive rubbish and if yes, what is its budget for such funding?


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