How’s That ‘Official’ Polling Looking Now?

A lot of people are wondering how Trump won yesterday’s election. For some, it came as no surprise at all.

The following videos amplify how so many of us (myself included) took the official polling hook, line and sinker – but not these guys:

Firstly, who would have thought that polling random people would be better than hand picking who to call?

Secondly, start this one from 1m 55sec to get to the polling information:

As you can see, these videos were up well before election day and did not equivocate in the slightest on predicting a comfortable Trump victory. Before the election, many of us would have labelled people like these as crackpots and conspiracy theorists, trying to go against the ‘settled science’.

Well, how’s that settled science looking now? How could it have been so hopelessly wrong? Or, perhaps more appropriately: why was it so hopelessly wrong – and where else is this happening?

The people have spoken. Thank goodness for that.

(Thanks to reader David).

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