The Extreme Left’s Education Agenda

Due to overwhelming demand, I am providing this post which summarises everything I have come across and written about on the extreme left’s Marxist education agenda – including the Safe Schools and kindergarten Start Early programs.

All materials provided have been fully researched and referenced to relevant source material (e.g. the Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ unit guide). Simply click on the links provided if you would like to read more on any of the items.

This post will be dynamic – I will keep adding to it as further things arise and maintain it as a featured post at the top of the TMR site.

The story so far

Here’s how this issue has unfolded (in chronological order). Click on the links if you would like to read more. The most powerful thing you can do is keep yourself well informed and encourage as many others as you can to review this material and form their own opinions:

  • Quality Education – Are You a Supportive Ally? – it all started with a story in The Australian on the Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ program. Among many other things, the program included 11 year old children role playing as 16 year old homosexuals.
  • Safe Schools Program to be Overhauled – the federal government sensibly overhauled the program. Full copies of the review undertaken by Professor William Louden and the changes announced by the Education Minister can be found here.
  • The All of Us Unit Guide – a link to the official unit guide is provided here, together with a handy and fully referenced summary of the worst of its content.
  • The Early Childhood Australia Board – one of the texts on which the Start Early kindergarten program is based (Children’s Sexual Development and Behaviour: Pants Aren’t Rude) was written by one of ECA’s board members and is offered for sale by ECA on its website for $16.95.
  • More Evidence on the Safe Schools Agenda – the program’s Victorian co-ordinator proudly says that the Safe Schools program has nothing to do with celebrating diversity or stopping bullying – and that parents are powerless to ‘shut this down’.
  • Safe Schools Agenda Marches On – yet another program is added to the mix, this time a 200 page guide called ‘Catching on Early’. Roz Ward gets appointed by the Victorian Government to a high level advisory committee.
  • Roz Ward Still Lurks – Roz Ward calls the Australian flag ‘racist’ and says we need a ‘red’ one flying over Victoria’s Parliament House instead.
  • Taking Down the Left – TMR takes down the left’s arguments in support of Roz Ward, piece by piece.

Last word 

A lot of people coming across this material for the first time are stunned that such a disturbing agenda could be targeted almost exclusively at pre-teen children. They are then completely blown away when they find out how much traction these programs have already gained in their very own schools and kindergartens.

From there, people commonly ask me: where did this rubbish come from and what can I do about it?

This garbage is written exclusively by radical leftists. For example, with the Safe Schools program, most of it has originated from radical Marxist Roz Ward (and her crew) who I’ve written extensively about on this blog.

In terms of who to speak to, I could tell you standard things like your local MP, Early Childhood Australia (in the case of the Start Early program), your school’s principal or the Department of Education. While doing these things may make a small difference, they won’t get you very far of themselves.

I also recommend that you avoid any natural instinct you may have to berate your local kindergarten or school teacher. They have no authority to change anything and often have little idea about radical Marxist agendas in any event. You’ll only be making a scene for little or nothing in return – which plays into this sickening agenda’s hands. That said, by all means, calmly ask your child’s teacher about whether he or she is ‘teaching’ any of this stuff. You are entitled to know.

From there, the best thing you can do is simply share the truth (i.e. this post) as calmly and as factually as you possibly can – with as many people as you possibly can (Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, talk back radio etc). From there, simply leave it to the person/s concerned to form their own opinion – it should not take any persuasion to convince a normal, properly informed person that these programs are disturbed and sickening.

Only with vigilance and a critical mass of informed people can something realistically be done. The problem at the moment is that not enough people know about these programs and what they’re really about (indeed, you’ll see that many of my above posts on this topic are months old). That said, once someone becomes aware of the plain facts, they are typically shocked as I have described above.

To help, you will see that all of my articles on this topic have been fully researched, linked and referenced to the source materials in question.

While the federal government’s review and amendments to the Safe Schools program seemed encouraging, they appear to have had little practical impact so far – particularly in Victoria. It is clear that a lot more work will be needed to resist the continued infiltration of this insidious agenda into our education system – and culture.

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