Will Hillary Make it?

At first glance, the above image appears to be little more than the usual ‘out of context’ shot designed to make to Hillary Clinton look mentally challenged. Goodness knows you can take your pick when it comes to Donald Trump. However, in the case of Clinton, it appears that there is a lot more to it.

A very interesting article on Pickering Post got me started:

Hillary’s mental state is deteriorating daily and it appears to be well past any remedial action and well into palliative care status. The question now is who will replace her as the Democratic candidate?

… Hillary’s deterioration is much more than wear and tear from 18 months’ campaigning. It can be seen in her eyes, suddenly there is something missing, something staringly blank and removed from what is going on around her.

… It’s as if she is pre-programmed and unable to operate outside her staff’s teleprompted scripts of well-crafted apophthegms berating Donald Trump.

She has been desperately trying to hide whatever affliction she is suffering from. It appears to me to be some type of mental illness, even dementia, but I’m no doctor. Yet studying politicians’ body language over 50 years tells me this is something serious and can no longer be hidden even by a doting media.

At first I thought that Pickering might have been smoking a few extra, until I looked further into it – and what I found must be shared.

Firstly, Pickering is far from being the only one to have noticed this. Here’s Scott Adams – creator of the Dilbert Cartoons (*) and a trained hypnotist – calling out Hillary’s mental state nearly nine months ago in December 2015:

One of the skills a hypnotist has to master is reading people’s inner thoughts based on their body language. That’s a common skill for people in the business world too, but hypnotists go deeper than looking at crossed arms and furrowed brows. We learn to look for subtle changes in breathing patterns, tiny changes in muscle tone, variations in skin color (blushing or not), word choice, pupil dilation, and more. I assume law enforcement people look for similar tells when doing interrogations.

As regular readers know, I’m a trained hypnotist. And to me, Hillary Clinton looks as if she is hiding a major health issue. If you read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink, you know that so-called “experts” can sometimes instantly make decisions before they know why. In my case, I am going to make an “expert” hypnotist prediction about Hillary Clinton without knowing exactly which clues I am picking up, or whether I am hallucinating them.

Prediction: I’ll put the odds at 75% that we learn of an important Clinton health issue before the general election. That estimate is based on my own track record of guessing things about people without the benefit of knowing why. I think Trump is picking up the same vibe. He has already questioned Clinton’s “stamina.”

Secondly… well… how about we just go to the tape:

Sadly, too many of us have unnervingly seen that vacant and bewildered look before. In Clinton’s case, it’s impossible to tell if it’s a direct sign of something like dementia or a side effect of some medication for a different problem. Whatever the case, it’s not normal, cannot be explained by ‘campaign fatigue’ and is well beyond being brushed off.

The third video also requires some further analysis (the first two speak for themselves). At about 8 seconds in – you’ll see Clinton beginning to freeze up as the protester interjects. From there, a lot has been made of Clinton’s ‘minder’ stepping in and reassuring her that everything is ‘ok’ – as if he knows exactly what Clinton’s health problem is and how to deal with it:

As you can see, when protesters appear at around the 8 second mark, Hillary Clinton completely freezes up. It’s pretty subtle, but yet extremely obvious to the man who is being referred to by some as her “handler;” a man who immediately jumps on stage to comfort her, scramble secret service members away and walk her through the episode by repeatedly saying “keep talking,” which she eventually does (for more on this angle, read: Who is Hillary’s Handler).

However, for me, another important point that seems to have missed comes a fraction before the 13 second mark. This is where Clinton noticeably and suddenly seizes up further while pursing her lips in a very embellished and uncontrolled manner for a bit over a second – while her minder pats her on the back to steady her.

At first, I was convinced that Clinton’s email scandal would end her campaign. Then, I thought the Clinton Foundation scandal would do it. In the end, the incorruptible mother nature herself looks like she may do what the ‘system’ought to have done long ago.


(With grateful thanks to Michael Krieger at Liberty Blitzkrieg for providing the links to the above clips and the Scott Adams’ article – for Krieger’s full article, go here).

(*) If you register your email here, you’ll get a free daily Dilbert comic each morning which is sure to brighten your day.

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