Update -‘Safe Schools Coalition’ Program to be Reviewed

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the ‘All of Us’ teaching program created by the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ – which is being funded by the federal government to the tune of $8 million and rolled out in schools across the country (around 490 of them so far).

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all about keeping children safe. Not quite. In it’s current form, it’s actually a sickening, agenda-driven LGBTI program which, among other things, involves material such as the following:

In a lesson on same-sex attraction, students as young as 11 are told to imagine they are 16-year-olds who are “going out with someone they are really into’’. The class is divided into students pretending to be going out with someone of the same sex, and classmates pretending to like someone of the opposite sex.

I have absolutely no objection to teaching general LGBTI issues, tolerance and respect to children in schools. However, I draw the line at having 11 year old children role playing in such a manner – particularly if it’s without parental consent.

Thankfully, some common sense appears to be prevailing, with Malcolm Turnbull ordering a review into the program:

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ordered a review into a controversial school education program aimed at promoting acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBTI) students.

An independent review announced on Tuesday will advise Education Minister Simon Birmingham on whether the program’s material is “age appropriate” by mid-March. 

(Don’t you just love the Sydney Morning Herald’s blithe description of the program as ‘aimed at promoting acceptance’).

The big question is what happens from here? Politically, Turnbull would be foolish if he either abandoned the program or kept it as is. My prediction is a redrafting of the material. Renaming it to something more in keeping with what it actually is would also help. Why wouldn’t you make it clear in the name of the program that it’s all about teaching tolerance and respect for LGBTI people – and everyone else for that matter? If done sensibly, it’s actually a good thing.

Another question is how on Earth did the Abbott government allow this program to be introduced in its current form?

The Safe Schools teaching manual, set up by Labor but launched by the Coalition in 2014, has been under fire in recent weeks from conservative politicians, the ACL and News Corp newspapers.

Sources said this was not the first time the party room had discussed the Safe Schools program, with concerns also raised under Tony Abbott’s leadership. 

Perhaps it was a fight that Abbott felt like he couldn’t afford to have, given his popularity issues.

Lastly, to all the readers of The Marcus Review who spread the word about this issue: thank you for doing your bit.


7 thoughts on “Update -‘Safe Schools Coalition’ Program to be Reviewed”

  1. I tried to attach my comment to your post at The Bolt page but it wouldn’t let me and sent me here.

    I’m of the opinion Turnbull wouldn’t be doing anything about the LGTI bullying course (indoctrination) now either if the new education minister hadn’t given an interview on SKYNEWS last week and said

    1) It’s all the other guys fault (ALP)

    2) Even if he wanted to do something about it he couldn’t for years

    3) Unhappy parents should take it up with the schools personally.

    That’s unhappy parents should complain FOR YEARS to schools because I as Federal Education Minister can’t do a darn thing about it.

    I bet that made Turnbull, parents, and schools ecstatic.

    If this program is nearly out of funding it’s been in operation for a while. Where have these Liberals demanding action been until the time of Turnbulls need? I know you say it was aired by them under Abbott. But not a one called for any action in public until now as far as I’m aware.

    This is damage control. Turnbull has chucked it on the table and not ruled anything in or out to bury the thing until after the election. If it ever sees the light of day I bet the report says

    1) It’s the other guys fault (ALP)

    2) There’s nothing the Feds can do about it for years

    3) Parents should take it up with the schools and the states. It’s their problem.

    I wonder why the fixer Christopher Pyne didn’t fix the thing while he was fiddling with the curriculum. You’d think the fixer was the bloke to fix the stuff needing fixing. And he did have more time under Abbott to have a stab at it than the newbie who’s now gone into stealth mode and is m.i.a.

    Could it be it’s something the feds can’t do anything about for years?

    I’m against the course being taught in schools by the way. I’m just mad as hell nobody is calling BULLTURDS on Turnbull on this. He’s hung another minister out to dry. The newbie must be incompetent and not know poo from clay, needing a shift sideways surely, otherwise Turnbull would of backed his call instead of calling for a report nobody will bother reading. And now Turnbull’s getting roses for doing zilch to actually address the blasted issue. Burying it on the table and not ruling anything in or out to save himself some pain doesn’t actually doooo anything for another school year! It’ll be out of funding, running as part of the normal school programming, and after the election before this course sees the light of day again!

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