Are the Media and Police Hiding Something? (UPDATE)

Five days ago, a man was stabbed to death at the Perth Esplanade Bus Port following a brawl between ‘two groups of people‘. In addition to the homicide, the incident was so bad that it resulted in significant public transport disruptions for the next 24 hours.

Since then, we have not heard anything further about what happened.

Will we ever know more about the parties involved? Or is it going to be a case of ‘Cologne syndrome’, where certain ‘discretions’ and ‘sensitivities’ mean that the public will not be entitled to know the truth of what really happened? The recent examples of this occurring around the world  – including Australia – are seemingly endless and very disturbing. How can it be possible in this day and age to withhold information so easily from people?

Something tells me it wasn’t two groups of Hasidic Jews or Hindus that were brawling in Perth five days ago.

UPDATE – I have it from a reliable source that PerthNow attempted to publish a story about the murdered person and his family – only for it to be immediately yanked. Something is very fishy indeed.

(Thanks to reader DF).

2 thoughts on “Are the Media and Police Hiding Something? (UPDATE)”

  1. I believe some politicians do have the ability to delay broadcast under the mantle of “public safety” – Police usually do as they are told – as for the media – they are very leftist nowadays and probably agreed to remain “stumm” for obvious reasons.


  2. The first question to be answered is this: Who directed the press not to tell the public who the people involved are. I personally can’t see the press having made the choice, not to specify who these people were, voluntarily.
    The second question you, being a lawyer, may be able to answer: Is it lawful to direct the press to hide this information in these circumstances.


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