Finance – Labor Style

Federal Labor appears to think that the government is spending too much money by putting $6 million into developing a smartphone/tablet language app for children.

Given that Labor annihilated well over $400 billion of our money on ill-conceived junk, its comments here are about as useful as a convicted paedophile giving child healthcare tips.

For the best account available on where Labor sent our $400+ billion, go to the Marcus Review’s three part special here (seriously, you will not find a summary like this anywhere else):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Lastly, Labor’s family spokesperson Jenny Macklin has also stated that the $6 million program apparently costs $27,000 per day. Given that $6 million divided by 27,000 gives us 222.2 days, I’m not entirely sure how she has come up with this figure. Anyway, while we’re at it, here’s some other fun facts for Labor to think about:

  • 400 billion is over 66,666 times bigger than 6 million.
  • 6 million is 0.0015% of 400 billion.
  • $6 million wouldn’t come close to the top 20 things Labor spent our money on when it was last in government.

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